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Hello and welcome to Rhianna Weekly blog where we share the BTS of Rhianna's Studio. We will also share our take on fashion and design while giving you some insight on what we do and hopefully inspiring you to incorporate fun, flirty, fresh, fashion into your daily life!

We are starting our first blog post by sharing the inspiration behind our first swim collection, Heels, Lines, & Anchors. This first image is the mood board that puts our theme for the swimwear in picture form.

This board inspired the mood for the photo shoots as wells as some of the design elements within the swimsuits. When designing the actual pieces elements of traditional garment design was used, ex: crop tops, overall straps, long sleeves, and flounces.

Note from Deirdra, Senior Designer: To develop the designs in this collection (swimsuits and cover-ups), I watched movies like Overboard with Goldie Hawn (1987) drawing inspiration from many of the looks she wore while on the yacht. I also looked at images of military uniforms, boats, ships and yachts. As well as, internet searches for nautical items. I hope you find my designs aesthetically pleasing, high quality, and fashionable. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the 2017 Heels, Lines & Anchors collection. A few pics are provided below. To see the entire collection click here.

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