Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Black + White Full Skirt

Color blocking full skirt black and white DIY
 Hello Everyone!
 I hope you are well. Today I am sharing with you a recent make for a birthday present I created for a friend.
The skirt is made from two Bermuda Pique Woven fabrics and includes a handmade bow. I am so obsessed with bow right now! But I'll show you my other projects including bows at a later time.  
full skirt color blocked DIY bow

DIY Black and White Colorblocked Skirt with Bow

 I really enjoyed working with this fabric. It sews well and cuts well. The texture is amazing to me and I like the stiffness. It's stiff but still lightweight. I've made a number of items from this type of fabric such as the Mommy-Daughter look I shared on Monday. You can check it out here. The only frustration I had while working with this fabric is the amount of loose thread it picked up LOL! I was constantly using my lint roller on this fabric. I purchased the fabric from {white here black here
This skirt was made from the tutorial for my full skirt that I shared a while back.  Instead of gathering, I pleated the skirt with my own design. There are two large pleats in the center, then two smaller ones, followed by one large pleat on the side seam. This pattern repeats around the skirt. I used bias tape to finish the inside waistband as the skirt is not lined.
To make the skirt even more special for her birthday, I included a label under which I create my personal designs, a size tab, and a care label.  She loved it and that makes me happy!

What do you think of the skirt? Let me hear your thoughts below!
Thank you for reading!


Levone said...

Great looking skirt and love the bow!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thank you Levone! How sweet of you!