Tuesday, February 10, 2015

♡ Take Me On A Date?♡

Hello Loves!
 I hope you are having a great week. Happy Tuesday! Today I'm sharing my Vday date ideas and what I would wear on these dates :-) 
So I'm a planner. Whenever I have to go to an event  or there is a holiday that is a approaching within 2 to 4 weeks of the actual date I will start planning my attire. Of course that includes me making some part of my outfit or pulling out something that I've made and making sure I don't need alterations or figuring out a new way to wear it. As you can tell from  yesterday's Moodboard Monday post I am really feeling Valentine's Day this year so I wanted to share some of my ideas for a great Vday date.
I'm really  traditional when it comes to dates. I'm not one to want to go to a fun house and play games. I'm not that into bowling but I'll go if that's what everyone is doing. I'm just a take me shopping :-) and to eat type of girl. Here are some of my ideas for great daytime, evening, and full day date (full days are the best). What type of dates do you like? 

Daytime Date
 Lunch and shopping at the mall
For this date I chose to go comfortable and cute. This way you can get as much shopping done as possible without pain in the feet :-) Be sure to wear your comfortable heels. Yes there is a such thing (my sister doesn't believe me). So if you are not a heels wearer you can definitely pull this look together with some cute red flats.

Evening Date
 Dinner and a movie!
For this date I would go dressed up casual. The reason is the movies. No one wants to wear a cocktail dress to the movies in my opinion it looks just silly.  So a comfortable knit skirt because you'll be seated for most of the night paired with a sequin tank and lather blazer. Don't forget the stylish leopard pumps! Throw on a leather blazer to keep  warm and stylish.

Full day Date
The full day is just a combination of the day and evening dates. Here you will want to wear an outfit that transitions from day to night and is appropriate for each setting.
Morning  - Breakfast in bed or out at my favorite breakfast spot. I'm flexible. LOL!
Here's what I would have a veggie omelet hash browns and wheat toast. Take me to the mall or my favorite store. Being that it is Valentine's Day I would definitely want to hit up a candy store to get all of my favorites.
WIW: So if it's breakfast in bed I've on my pj's. If I go out for breakfast I'll go ahead and put on my DIY sequin skirt, Peachy Blush Slinky Camisole tucked,  a cardigan with a nude belt accented in gold for added sass and my cognac knee boots. Jewelry would be rose gold earrings and necklace. 
Afternoon  - Yes, I love a matinee! There are less people in the theater with you and you are not too tired that you may fall asleep during the movie and you have your pick of any seat LOL! My favorite place to go watch a movie is in a "dinner theater" where you can order food more than the traditional snack food available at regular movie theater. I'm talking about alcoholic beverages, cheese fries, burgers, chicken wings (not that I eat burgers or chicken wings lol!) but you get the point.
WIW: At this point I'm still wearing the look from breakfast. And keeping my legs and arms warm with my cardigan and my knee boots. We all know how could it can be in the movie theater even in the winter months ugh!
Evening - If it's not too cold a walk after the movies and of course end the night with a romantic candle lit dinner.
For this look I switch out my shoes for nude heels, ditch the nude belt and cardigan but keep the camisole. Pull out my fancy gold necklaces and earrings and throw on a leather blazer or moto jacket coupled with All Fired Up Lipstick by Mac for some added edge to my already sexy ensemble.

Now doesn't that sound awesome?!

Any of these ideas sound great to you? What do you like to do on Valentine's day? Is that a holiday you and your lover celebrate? I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading!

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