Monday, February 9, 2015

Moodboard Monday: Dressed Up In ♡

Dressed Up In Love!

Hello Loves!
 It's another Moodboard Monday and today's theme is of course related to Valentine's Day, Dressed Up In Love!
I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great start to the the week!  I'm going to keep it short today. I generally use Photoshop to create my moodboards for Moodboard Mondays but my laptop with Photoshop on it is out of commission so I had to use Polyvore. I have to say I really enjoyed using it and I like the board I created. Using this interface sparked more creativity in the layout of my moodboard today, which I really love. I had to present the same way all the time and I know that gets boring for you guys too.
Dressed Up In Love! Part2

But anyway, This week I am of course planning my look for Valentine's Day. I love to mix pink and red for Vday so I am thinking my outfit will be red and ivory/cream and I may do a redish pink lip color (similar to the essie nail color in the moodboard). I don't wear a lot of make up I usually do lips and minimal eyes and maybe some blush.  I definitely plan to do a combination of pink red and probably white or nude for my nails.  I'll share any and all DIY ideas for Valentine's Day I have with you this week.  Be sure to check out my other Vday inspired moodboard from a couple of weeks a go if you missed it; Moodboard Monday: Valentine's Day Red
So I've gotten some inspiration from someone I follow on Twitter who tweets daily with a musical inspiration. So this week I am taking her concept and applying it to my blog so I will post a love song to each blog post this week. I hope you enjoy it! Oh yeah and follow me on Twitter ha!

Thank you for reading!

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