Saturday, February 14, 2015

♡ Happy V(P)alentine's Day! ♡

Hello Love Bugs!
  Well it's Valentine's Day and I am looking forward to spending a day with my hubby. I can't wait to see what he has planned for us :-) In today's post I am sharing my Palentine's Day gift idea with you.
I knew I wanted to give my girls a special gift that was sorta personalized for Palentine's Day.  So I decided to give them pictures of them in the clothes they have modeled for me. So I picked my favorite picture, purchased frames from Ikea and this really awesome wrapping paper. I also picked up some cute stationary, ribbon, and hang tag from Michael's so I could write a personal message and make the packaging look pretty of course. 
 First I started by printing the pictures at Walmart (uploaded online and picked up at the store) Then framed it with the Ikea picture frame that comes with the matting. 

I then wrapped the picture in 2 layers of tissue paper
 Then I wrapped it with the Ikea wrapping paper

I wrote my personal message and sealed the envelope. Wrapped the frame with ribbon and put the ribbon through the hole of the tag and tied it in a knot. I used a bit more tissue paper to wrap it again before putting it in the bubble wrapped envelope for mailing. 

Although my friends and I live in different cities I still think of them and want to share my love and appreciation for them in my life so thank God for the Postal Service! Otherwise I would be driving all over NC LOL!

I hope your day is filled with lots of love! Happy Valentine/Palentine's Day to you!
Thank you for reading!

Here's a little Old School for you to slow dance to ;-)

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