Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tap Out Tuesday: Are Leggings Pants?

Rhianna's Studio are leggings pants? how to wear leggings? DIY do's and don'ts
Hello Loves!
 I decided to bring tap out Tuesday back for this week. My sister and I were at the mall enjoying some Chipotle and we of course like to people watch so we sat in front of the large glass window of the restaurant so we could be entertained while we ate LOL!
So we are enjoying our vegetarian burritos when this really cute young girl comes in pushing a stroller with a young child inside and as she walked by my sister says OMG you can see her butt right through her leggings! That is a shame! I was caught so off guard I was not expecting to see this girl's behind so much so that I can see the crack and know that you have no underwear on. SMH! So I was like I am over this and I will be using my blog as a platform to speak out about the improper use of leggings/yoga pants in public.
Today I  wish to tap out women wearing leggings as pants! I am so over this trend being done horribly wrong! It's very offensive to see a woman's behind through her pants at the very least ladies, you could wear underwear when you know you are not going to wear a shirt that covers your hips. And not to mention the lady parts area. No one wants to see that! So today I tap out women wearing sheer leggings without a tunic to cover up your private areas. Key word here ladies is PRIVATE!
Rhianna's Studio Are leggings pants? How to wear leggings do's and don'ts of wearing leggings
Camel toe looks bad in any pant bottom, we all know that, right? But to me it looks even worse and is a huge yuck face maker when the camel toe is created in a pair of leggings or yoga pants. It really makes them look like they smell bad and haven't showered for the day. I think the stretchy cotton lightweight knit leggings are perfect for working out and going to the gym with maybe a shirt tied around the hips. Of course wearing to bed and lounging around the house is ok for any fabrication of leggings. Because what's done behind closed doors and in the privacy of someone's own home is their business, not mine. LOL! The fabrication of which your leggings are made makes a huge difference ladies! If they are lightweight cotton/rayon/polyester then you need to cover your lady parts. If they are made of a double knit leather, or any other medium to heavier weight fabric then you are more likely to have your lady parts covered well. 
Back to the motivation for writing this blog post, leggings where I can see the split in their behinds. 
Rhianna's Studio Are leggings pants? How to wear leggings? Do's and Dont's your booty showing
Ok, so I don't understand why these ladies have to wear thongs or sometimes no underwear at all. Is that like a rule of wearing leggings or something? I think that if they wore underwear with these leggings that I wouldn't be made to make the yuck face when seeing them in public. What do you think? And in the words of Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that". 
Now don't get me wrong ladies, there are some ways that you can wear leggings without a tunic or long tee and be appropriately dressed and not offensive in public.  I think the ladies in the image below have done a great job of appropriately styling their leggings for wearing in public. 
Rhianna's Studio moodboard are legging pants the proper way to wear leggings how to wear leggings
Let's talk about it. What do you think of the legging trend? What are some of your don't likes about this trend? 

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio


Lauren Trethaway said...

So leggings are NOT pants. I mostly use them as thick tights when the weather gets colder, more specifically under sweater dresses or under pants if I am going to be outside. Yes, I wear them to lounge around the house and possibly over to a friends, but I try not to wear them as just pants in public. Nor are the ones I own anything you can see through, they are thicker material. Where are the fashion police when you need them. I think women don't realize the message they send when they wear them like that ( what you saw in the mall). People leave nothing to the imagination these days do they. The only slack I can cut the lady today is that maybe her small child had her in a tizzy walking out the door and she didn't realize what she had on. Also I don't think many people look in the mirror or have someone check them out before they walk out of the house. Sheesh...

Deirdra Rhianna said...

You made some great points Lauren! This trend of wearing leggings as pants in my opinion has lasted long enough. Let's do something else. LOL!

Tusdae Nance said...

Leggings ARE NOT PANTS. Point blank n the period!