Monday, December 22, 2014

Moodboard Monday:Red Velvet

Hello Everyone!
Yes, it's another Moodboard Monday! This week's theme is I'm so excited for Christmas this week! I can't wait to go home and spend time with my family, sew, and hopefully get out a bit to the movies and some awesome restaurants.
Today I will be packing my bags in preparation for our trip to Charlotte this week. Red Velvet is my favorite type of cookie, cake and pop tart to eat this time of year! With Christmas being on Thursday I am in the mood for some great red velvet treats. I think this year my sister and I are going to try to make brownies and cookies. I'll share with you how things go ;-) What's your favorite Christmas cookie?
I am still working on some childrenswear items for Laureyan so I have included some cute kids red velvet dresses in the board this week. I'm going to try to complete some items for myself as well. But completing her looks this week is my priority! 
How will you spend your Christmas Day? Leave a comment below I'd love to read it!

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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