Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Style Green, Black and White?

Rhianna's Studio WIP DIY Green black and white Girl with curves tee
Hello Loves!
Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well. I'm definitely excited that tomorrow is Friday!  Today I am sharing with you the new projects I am working on based on Monday's Moodboard theme - Green, Black and White.  
Rhianna's Studio DIY Over the Knees Socks and Pleated Skirt with girl with curves tee
I'm taking it back to my cheerleading days with this green pleated skirt, styled with a black and white graphic tee, over the knee socks, and my Js. LOL! Well, that was my inspiration cheerleading slash rugby. For some reason that is where my mind goes when I think of over the knee socks. I ordered the Girl With Curves Tee a few months ago. It came with a few loose stitches and I'm just getting around to fixing them this week so I thought what a perfect time to actually create an outfit around my tee. I ordered some green athletic spandex earlier this year and never used it. For some reason this week I decided I was going to make something out of it which is why this week's Moodboard Monday was Green, Black and White inspired. So, what do you think of my look? Of course it's still a WIP (work in progress) as I still need to finish the waistband and hem the skirt. As soon as I am able to get pictures in the final outfit I'll share them with you. 
Rhianna's Studio WIP DIY Black and White Dress Steve Madden Shoes

Another little number I'm working on is this black and white "dress". Dress in quotes because I've been going back and forth with whether it should be a cropped top and full skirt or if it should be a dress. Right now it's looking like it will be a dress as I originally planned. Now this piece has been in WIP status for a while but the plan is to finish it this week!
Rhianna's Studio WIP DIY Black and White striped dress for the holiday

Well I'm going to get back to work on these items. I'll talk with you tomorrow!

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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