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How to Style A Black & White Striped Tee with A Full Skirt?

Rhianna's Studio Mixing Prints DIY skirt and shirt
Hello Loves!
 Happy Hump Day! I hope you are having a good week thus far. This is shaping out to be another crazy week for me where I feel like I have so much to do and so little time to do it. We all know how that can be, right? Sometimes it paralyzes me when I have so much to do I just don't know where to start. Making lists help me to stay on task. I guess I'll get the notebook and ink pen out.
 I have to schedule time to sew when I have busy weeks. Sewing actually calms me and helps me release stress. Don't get me wrong some projects do stress me out but it's a different kind of stress when you are doing something you like to do, you know what I'm saying? Frustration I think not stress?

Rhianna's Studio DIY sketch diy fashion
The first Item I chose to make in my transitional collection was the black and white striped tee with the golden yellow full skirt. You can check out my original post highlighting the collection in storyboard and mood board form here.
Rhianna's Studio styling a DIY top and Yellow skirt leopard print DIY
 I styled this skirt and top with leopard print shoes. I love print mixing and the pointy toe of this shoe is so classy I thought what a great accent to this look those shoes would be and the mix of pattern with the stripes shirt would be so on trend, so I did it! Wanting to keep it more on the casual side, I paired some chunky accessories with this look (Karl Lagerfeld watch and heart locket rope chain necklace). Because the necklace is chunky I opted to keep the earring simplistic so I went with my DIY silver earrings I made about a year ago. Love these earrings!
Black and white stripes are a large portion of my wardrobe. I just keep dreaming up more and more looks for this fabric pattern. I love this colorway, especially in a stripe, because it is classic and can be dressed up or down you can also add a pop of color to spice it up or give the look some edge. For this look I wanted to keep it classy as usual but wanted to add a pop of color that is not widely used in my current wardrobe. I originally purchased this golden yellow crepe fabric to create a pencil skirt but I never made it. This fabric may be 2 years old if not it's definitely 1 year old so it's been sitting a while so I decided to do something with it. Unfortunately I did not have enough fabric to make the skirt as the sketch appears. The sketch shows a midi but I had to make it above the knee length. Hey this happens sometimes. At least I didn't have to scrap the whole look, right? Shorter skirts are more fun, sexy, and sassy anyway! ;-) I finished the skirt by hand sewing the hem as to not see any stitch lines. I like stitch lines on some garments but my full skirts I generally like there to not be a visible hem. What's your favorite hemming method?
Rhianna's Studio DIY Mixing Prints Fashion
I ordered the Golden Yellow Crepe from There are a few fabrics that I absolutely love and constantly use and crepe is definitely one of them. Crepe comes in different weights and some include stretch. There is even a crepe knit fabric but this golden yellow I've used is a woven fabric and is very lightweight. The quality of this fabric is good for a lightweight fabric. Crepe de Chine is another crepe that I just drool over. No issues with working with this fabric. I loved it! I ordered the black and white knit from Michael Levine it is a double knit. It is more on the heavier weight side. I love it! It is so comfy and cozy plus stylish! What more could you ask for, right?! Again no complaints with sewing this one either. It laid out and cut pretty well. However the crepe was kind of sheer so I had to add a lining. I went with a georgette. It's lightweight and did not compromise the drape of the crepe fabric.
I'll try my best to get pictures of me wearing the outfit and post to the blog so you can see what it all looks like on. Talk with you tomorrow!
Fall transition garment Rhianna's Studio DIY Fashion pattern mixing
Thanks for reading!
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