Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To Sew A Waistband?

Hello Loves!
A lot of sewing happens around this time of year. The fabric stores are always packed! So I decided to share a sewing tutorial with you to assist you with the holiday sewing project you may make that include an elastic waistband, which can be a challenge to sew nicely. There are many techniques out there for constructing an elastic waistband. In the post I've shared with you a technique that I use most often.
Below is a step by step pictorial to help you with one of the many methods of sewing in an elastic waistband. I will update this post with additional methods as I am able to capture them as I am sewing. Enjoy!
Step 1: Measure your knit elastic around your waist then subtract 1 inch and cut. Then overlap the ends about 1/4 of an inch and zigzag stitch over the edges.

 Step 2: Mark the elastic by folding it evenly in half. Make three markings 1. center front (aligned with the zigzag stitched) 2. left side and 3. right side.

Step 3: Using pins, align the overlapped edge of the elastic to the center back seam of the pencil skirt.
Step 3a: For the two seam version align the zigzag to one of the side seams.

Step 4: Fold the skirt at the waist in half using the center back seam as your side then clip the opposite side marking the center front by cutting a slit.

Step 5: Align the marking on the elastic with the slit you just made.  Repeat for the right and left sides of the skirt.

Step 6: Zigzag stitch the elastic to the top edge on the inside of the skirt. (Be sure you have the skirt turned inside out).*Apply slight tension to the elastic as you sew as it will be smaller than the skirt*

Step 7: Fold the elastic down and pin it in place.

Step 8: Straight stitch through the elastic applying slight tension so that it is straight when feeding under the needle. *Using a walking foot makes this step a lot easier, so if you have one definitely use it*

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