Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to DIY Legging Pajama Pants?

Hello Loves!
   I hope you are well! Happy Thursday to ya! Today I am sharing a tutorial. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen me post about making pajamas and how great of a DIY holiday gift idea I think they would be. So I decided to share with you how I made my pajama sets.
I've actually made the woven traditional lounge/pajama pants that I will share in a tutorial for making the pattern but the construction steps are the same as the leggings pajama set I will be sharing with you today. I'll share with you the traditional pj pants next week.
Here is one of the sets I've recently made. I'll show you how to make the pj bottoms today.
What you'll need:
1. A pair of leggings or jeans or other pants
2. Stretchy Knit Fabric (1 to 1.5yds)
3. Waistband Elastic 1 inch wide
4. Ruler (18 inch, yard stick, curved ruler (optional))
5. Pencil
6. Paper
7. Sewing Machine
8. Serger (optional)
9. Paper Scissors
10. Fabric Scissors
11. Tape Measure
12. Iron

Measurements needed:
1. Waist
2. Inseam
3. Length (From waist down to your stopping point)

Step 1: Take your waist measurement and divide it in half and add 1 to 2 inches for ease. Using this measurement draw a line at the top of your paper to the length of the measurement.

Step 2: Measure (on your body) down from your waist to the place you wish your legging pajama pants to stop. Measure down (on paper) from the center of the waistline (created in step 1) to the length of the measurement you just took and draw a straight line. At the end of this line draw a second that is 8 to 9 inches wide (this is the ankle line).

Step 3: Get your leggings/pants and place one leg inside the other turned inside out. Place the front of the crotch at the end of the waistline and trace the crotch (be sure to label front on the paper). *place the waistband of the leggings/pants above the waistline drawn in Step 1*

Step 4: Use your curved ruler (or straight edge) to true up the crotch you just traced.

Step 5: Connect the tip of the front crotch with the ankle line (repeat for the back leg) creating the inseam. Be sure that the inseam is the proper length. Generally this is 32 inches but depending on where your leggings stop your measurement will differ. So measure from your crotch down the inside of your leg to your ankle line created in Step 2.

Step 6:  Place leggings on the opposite side of the waistline with the back facing down on the paper and trace the back crotch (be sure to label back on the paper) Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the back of the leggings.  Then return to step 7.

Step 7: Add two inches above the waistline. Connect the line to the top of the front and back  crotch. Label this rectangle Elastic Casing.

Step 8: If you want fitted leggings then follow this step otherwise skip to Step 9. To create fitted leggings, you will need to create a curved inseam. Using a curved ruler round back the inseam through the thigh area starting an inch or two from the crotch (see image for details). *if you use a less stretchy fabric like a double knit you will want to keep the line straighter for ease*

Step 9: Add a .5 inch seam allowance to the pattern (crotch, inseam, and ankle line). Add two inches for the casing at the top of the pattern (waist line) and label casing. Add notches to your front crotch (2 lines) and back crotch (3 lines) Then cut the pattern out of paper.

Step 10: Lay the pattern out on the fabric and cut (pattern can be cut one at time or fold fabric in half and cut both legs at the same time) *it can be easier to match stripes when you cut out one at a time across the fabric.*

Step 11: Pin the inseam of each leg, right sides together, and stitch. I used a stretch stitch to be sure stitches do not pop when pulling on the leggings. Serge the inseams (optional)

Step 12: Turn one leg inside out and place it inside of the other. With right sides together, pin the crotch and stitch. Then serge the crotch, the waist, and ankle of the leggings (serging is optional).

Step 13: Keep leggings inside out. Measure elastic the length of your waist minus 1 inch for the waistband. Click here for instructions on completing the waistband.

Step 14: With the leggings turned inside out.  Turn up the ankle line .5. Press with an iron and pin if needed. Then stitch using a loose stitch (I used 2.7) *using a walking foot helps with hemming the leggings*

Step 15: The End!

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