Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Graphic Tee: How To DIY?

 Hello Loves!
 I hope you are well! Happy hump day! Today I give you another DIY tutorial. Recently I made Pajama sets that feature fabric graphics.
Today I will share with you how I made this Scottie Dog Graphic Pajama Tee to match the Pajama Leggings I made. You can view that tutorial here. This tutorial is great because you can use any fabric you wish and any graphic you wish to make your tee. If you make the leggings in my previous tutorial you can use leftover scrap fabric to create a graphic and adhere it to a tee you already have or purchase to make a pajama set! It makes for a great gift idea as well!
1. Fabric
2. Ribbon (optional)
3. Scottie Dog Clipart (download here) Or any clipart you wish to use
4. Fabric Scissors
5. Paper Scissors
6. EZ-Steam II Two-sided Pressure Sensitive Fusible Web (hobby lobby)
7. Ink Jet Printer
8. T-shirt
9. Pressing Cloth
10. Iron
Step 1: Print out your Scottie Dog clipart or other graphic and cut it out of the paper. Lay your Scottie Dog on fabric and cut a square large enough to fit your image.

Step 2: Cut a square out of the Two-sided pressure sensitive fusible web that is slightly larger than your fabric square.

Step 3: Peel back one side of the two-sided fusible web and attach your fabric to the web.  Pin the Scottie Dog to the fabric and web.

Step 4: Cut the Scottie Dog out of the fabric and web. *Follow step 4a if you are adding a ribbon otherwise continue to step 5*.

Step 4a: Cut a length of ribbon long enough to make the size bow you desire. Tie the ribbon into a bow and cut a small piece of fusible web and peel one side back and place it on the bow. Peel the other side back and press the bow into the neck of the Scottie Dog.

Step 5: Find the location you wish to place the Scottie Dog on the tee. Mark with pins.

Step 6: Peel back the second layer of fusible web from the back of the Scottie Dog and press it onto the tee.

Step 7: Heat up your iron with no steam on the highest setting. Cover the Scottie Dog with a pressing cloth and using pressure place the iron on top of the cloth where the Scottie Dog is and hold for 30 - 45 seconds repeat this step until you have cover the entire graphic

Step 8: Let cool. Test to be sure the Scottie Dog has adhered to the tee. If not repeat step 7.

Step 10: Once the Scottie Dog is attached you are finished. Enjoy your Graphic Tee!


Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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