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What's in Your Bag?

Rhianna's Studio Rue La La Handbag Guide collaboration
Hello Loves!
    I recently went shopping for a new bag with a friend, unfortunately I did not find one that I liked, but she really opened my eyes to something I didn't consider about purchasing a more expensive bag.
So my friend asks me how often do you have to purchase a new bag as we left Aldo and she guided me towards Coach. As you know I do not spend a lot of money on bags. I generally purchase an Aldo bag (not a leather one) or pick one up from JcPenney spending no more than $50 and that's a rarity. I think most of my bags have been no more than $30 with tax. Ok, back to the story with my friend, I told her about every 6 months I am looking for a new bag because the one I am carrying daily has ripped or the straps are coming undone. She said well if you spend more money on your bag, a good bag, then it will last you for years.
Life is so funny because I then came across  Rue La La's handbag guide and it is amazing! It describes each type of bag available on the market from clutch to hobo to tote and satchel. They also give you a lesson on luxury designer bags informing you of the things that give them their luxurious quality like hardware, materials and craftsmanship. Loves, they've even thrown in care tips for your bags and a history lesson on the origin of handbags! If you have not seen this handbag guide, then wait no more and go check it out!  After the conversation with my friend and reading the  Rue La La handbag guide I am convinced that purchasing a more expensive bag can work in my favor. 
I just get so nervous about spending a lot on bags because I am so hard on everything and I do not change out my purse very often. I generally carry the same bag no matter what I am wearing. I know it is sad but I'm just not a bag kinda girl. But here is why; I generally carry the same bag everyday. I keep everything but the kitchen sink in my bag! I am that just in case chick. You never know what you might need, right? I mean what if I change bags and I leave something in the old bag that I need, like a coupon or God forbid my debit card. I mean that can happen, right?
 I generally carry a tote or a satchel handbag so I can get a ton of stuff in it. Don't get me wrong I do have some clutch bags for those times when I know I am going out to an event like a comedy show and dinner or going to class or a meeting and coming right back home. To answer the question of the title of this blog post, I've documented with pictures what I can fit into two of my bags that I am loving and carrying right now. Keep reading for my survival handbag kits!

The Crossbody
Rhianna's Studio and Rue La La Handbag Guide
Rhianna's Studio and Rue La La Handbag Guide
The crossbody bag is perfect for running to class or a meeting with my Committee Chair. Because I am not taking a campus class this semester, I have not purchased a parking pass. So when I have to go to campus I park for free on the street and walk to the my professor's office. This crossbody bag comes in handy because I can include a small notebook, pen, hand sanitizer, my eye glasses, cell phone, lipstick, lipgloss, and a small bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume! Oh and I can't forget my gloves for those cold mornings this season. I'm thinking I am ok with purchasing a less expensive crossbody bag because I rarely use them.  I mainly carry my tote or a satchel bag.

The Clutch
Rhianna's Studio and Rue La La Handbag Guide
Rhianna's Studio and Rue La La Handbag Guide
The thing about traditional clutches, is that you can only fit the essentials in it. This is very difficult for a pack everything but the kitchen sink type of girl like me. I've recently found a compromise with my crossbody bag that doubles as a clutch. All you have to do is remove the strap. Now it's definitely on oversized clutch but it fits right under the arm just like any other clutch. The beauty about this crossbody clutch is that I can put more stuff in it! I can even pack a bottle of perfume (if it has the right shape of course). I can have both my wet ones wipes for me and the small hand sanitizer for my husband, gum and hard candy, keys, makeup, a travel size lotion, a compact, sunnies, and of course my money. I'm so in love with this bag by Liz Claiborne (no longer on sale) that I picked up from JcPenney!

The Tote
Rhianna's Studio and Rue La La Handbag Guide
Rhianna's Studio and Rue La La Handbag Guide
The tote is my absolute favorite bag to carry because I can actually fit extra clothes and everything, maybe even the kitchen sink LOL! I like this Audrey Brooke bag because it is two toned and I can wear it with anything and carry everything. 
Here is what I keep inside:
Large Wallet includes a check book fold
Eye glasses
Gloves (seasonal)
Small Notebook
Small zip bag (tutorial here) includes - wipes, sanitizer, scissors, lotion, tissue, perfume, nail clipper and file
Small zip makeup bag
Coupons and Receipts
Zune player
Small wallet for ID and debit/credit/gift cards
Small change purse
Sunglasses with holder

 And there is still room for any extras I may need to throw in while out shopping or a family trip i.e. change of clothes. Man I love a tote bag!

Well this is how I survive with my bags. What's your handbag survival kit? 
Don't forget to check out the handbag guide at Rue La La!

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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