Thursday, November 6, 2014

Was it a Scandal?

Rhianna's Studio Scandal Collection Limited
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I was in the mall, well I guess about a month ago now it was the first full week of October so not too long after the current season of Scandal started, and decided to stop in to check out The Limited's Scandal collection. 
Some of the pieces I will say definitely gave me a mental image of Olivia Pope but others I think were just inspired by the character's style. Sources say there will be pieces that Kerry Washington wears throughout the season. One piece I recently recognized was a black and white window pane caped coat she wore in this past week's episode. I've mostly recognized the blazers and coats that she's worn like the short sleeved white caped coat with gold buttons and the white and black diagonal checker print short sleeved peplum blazer. Loved that! You can check out the collection in your local The Limited store if you haven't already or shop online. The website shows which pieces she's actually worn in the show. The display is great. There is a quote and an image of Kerry Washington displayed along with images of models wearing the clothing. The prices ranged from $42 to $248. I did see some awesome arm length leather gloves I would love to have while I was there but they were in grey color and I could really use them in black. They do come in black, they just were not available in the store. I will check out the website. 
Here is what was available during my visit.  
Rhianna's Studio Scandal Collection Limited Kerry Washington

Rhianna's Studio Scandal Collection Limited Kerry Washington

Rhianna's Studio Scandal Collection Limited Kerry Washington
This one gave me a flashback of Olivia Pope 
Rhianna's Studio Scandal Collection Limited Kerry Washington
In my opinion these looks wear best on Olivia Pope/Kerry Washington. They just really look like they were made for her. When I see the models in the looks something just doesn't work for me. I don't know what it is. I think it is a great thing that Kerry Washington wears some of the looks in the show b/c seeing them on her inspired me to want to purchase the looks. But when I see the models I just don't like it as much. I think it is the attitude, strength, and power that Olivia Pope exudes that really sells it for me. The models just look like models, you know what I mean? 

Have you checked out the collection at The Limited? Have you purchased any pieces? What are your thoughts on Olivia Pope's wardrobe? 

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