Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Talk About It/Tap out Tuesday?

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Hello Loves!
Today's post is inspired by the Real Talk Show. I love this show! I was recently watching an episode on...
BET and during the show there was a segment where they did Tap outs.  Basically what this means is that you can tap out something that you are just sick of seeing or hearing in your life :-) So today there are some fashion foes I want to talk about and tap out. Some of these you may feel me on; some you may not but I am not doing this to offend anyone this is my opinion from a fashion study perspective.  

Unnaturally Shaped Eyebrows
I've had my fill of women shaving their eyebrows off and drawing them  back on without arching them or over arching them. Also redrawing them on with  a thick dark magic marker looking technique is just as awful.This does not look good ladies and we can tell they are fake! Eyebrows are considered the frames of your face. Having properly groomed eyebrows can make or break a makeup look or even just an every day non made up  face. So take good care of your eyebrows by going with your natural brow location (meaning do not move your eyebrow to your forehead or extend them into your hairline on the side of your face).  A tip: when filling in and shaping eyebrows with makeup be sure to use a color that is comparable to your hair color. Generally this color is not  true black or jet black. Most people will need a brown-black or a deep brown color.

Poorly Fitting White Skinny Jeans
I quite often see women wearing white skinny jeans so tight that I can see their knee cap indentation.  This means the jeans do not fit. I am also tired of seeing these skinny jeans so tight that they bunch up from the bottom of the thigh to the top of the calf making them look more like ankle pants than jeans. It looks like they need to  be pulled down at the calf.

White skinny jeans do not fit properly if the crotch of the jeans do not meet your anatomical crotch, ok!? I'm so tired of seeing females with jeans so tight on the thigh that they barely reach the anatomical crotch and what's more is that they stop before the proper waist placement and makes the jeans appear too short. It looks like  their pants are falling down and they need a belt but really the jeans are too tight!  My advice is to just suck it up and go up one size. It will be more appealing in the end. Trust me! And most likely more comfortable. And ladies, please be sure the crotch of your jeans meet your anatomical crotch. Lol!

Bad Makeup
Makeup can enhance your natural features to improve your beauty but it can also make you look worse. There are some people I've seen on Instagram that actually look worse when they've put on makeup. Here's why...they use the wrong color makeup. No, not just the shade of foundation doesn't match their skin tone, but the lip color choices are all wrong. And they wear silver eye shadow that covers their entire eyelid ( lid, crease, and brow bone) instead of just accenting with that color. A touch of silver or glittery gold is always best huns! I think a good technique that needs to be stressed in a lot of these YouTube videos (you know that's how most of us learn to do things these days, right?!) about makeup application is BLENDING!

I believe blending is key especially when contouring (I've seen some really bad ones there. You could see all the concealer LOL!) and applying eye shadow. 

These are the things I would love to tap-out especially on social media! What things are you tired of people saying to you or just doing? Leave a comment below I would love to know. Let's talk about it!

As always, thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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