Monday, November 3, 2014

Spotlight: Custom Made Wreaths!

Rhianna's Studio @multi_talented98 custom wreaths Carolina panthers
Hello Loves!
  Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was pretty good with a little bit of travel and some QT time with hubby.
Of course we were watching football on Sunday, well he was I was daydreaming, napping, and planning out my week in my head. LOL! But nonetheless we were together. Speaking of football, my amazing cousin Tanetta Williams makes wreaths for just about any occasion. The wreaths come in a variety of media like ribbon, mesh, and burlap. She will create in any colors, with any characters (Sponge Bob, Minnie/Mickey Mouse, TMNT, etc.), and with any team logo you wish! Isn't that awesome?
Carolina Panthers Rhianna's Studio @multi_talented98 custom wreath
This summer she began advertising her NFL and College football wreaths just in time to deck out a house for the upcoming season. She took requests and would make any team colors you like. She even put footballs or initials in the center of the wreath. We knew we had to have one. My husband is a true Carolina Panthers fan. He is with them through thick and thin. And lately winnings have been pretty thin for that team. But he keeps the faith :-)  I opted to keep our wreath simple. So it just highlights the team's colors and logo!

Rhianna's Studio Custom Wreaths Mickey Mouse

If you need decor for welcoming a new baby home, hosting a baby shower, throwing a child's party, or just want to decorate your home in your favorite colors, Tanetta has the wreath for you so check her out!

Christmas is coming and you better believe she is gearing up for the season. I imagine she will be taking orders for Christmas wreaths and probably even Thanksgiving wreaths very soon. Definitely go check her social media pages out. She has her work posted on Facebook and Instagram. She is very talented as her Instagram name, @multi_talented98 states. Just send a message or leave a comment on her Social Media Pages to place your orders!

More of Tanetta's {@multi_talented98} work:

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