Monday, November 24, 2014

Moodboard Monday:Holiday Spirit

Rhianna's Studio moodboard monday diy fashion holiday 2014
Hello Loves!
  Happy Moodboard Monday to ya! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I joined my family and some close friends in Charlotte on Saturday at the International Car Show.
We had a great time dreaming and sitting in luxury cars! I'll share some of the pictures from the show with you later this week. As for today's post it's another Moodboard Monday and this week I'm feeling the holiday spirit. Of course this Thursday is Thanksgiving and I've so much to be thankful for everyday not just during the holidays.
More specific to today's post as I mentioned in last Monday's Moodboard Monday post I am a moody sewer/designer. So this week I'm in the mood to create Holiday, more specifically Christmas, inspired pajama sets. It's a little bit of a piggy back off of last week's comfy cozy theme. I completed a pair of thermal pajamas that has owls with hearts for eyes repeated on the fabric. I will share that DIY project with you soon. Now on to the moodboard. 
Rhianna's Studio Moodboard Monday DIY Fashion Holiday 2014

So, me being a designer, the first thing I think of when the holidays come around is decorating! So this Moodboard has a ton to do with decorating the home for the holidays. The next things I think about are gifts and coordinating gift wrap. I'm not sure why, but all of the gifts I give must have at least two alternating wrapping paper prints but fall in the same theme. This year I'm doing deer and filigrees. I'll share with you once I've wrapped some of my gifts. And of course I have to do some type of DIY whether it's for myself or given as a gift. So this year, as I mentioned earlier it's Holiday Inspired Graphic Pjs. What things come to your mind when the holidays come around? 
Have you guys seen the Target Alice in Marshmallow Land commercial? If you haven't check it out below. This is my favorite commercial on TV right now! One of my favorite fairy tale stories is Alice in Wonderland. As a child I watched every remake of this story. LOL! Behind the Looking Glass, Cartoons, TV specials, you name it! Ok, so I love anything referencing that fairy tale and it doesn't hurt that the little girl in the commercial is totes adorbs! 

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio


Bonita Nance said...

Happy decorating! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Day to the Cook(s) on Thanksgiving!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thanks Bonita! The same to you!