Monday, November 17, 2014

Moodboard Monday: Comfy Cozy

Rhianna's Studio Comfy Cozy Moodboard Monday
Photo Source: Pinterest, Pinterest 
Hello Loves! 
I hope you had a great weekend and kept warm. I see some on the east coast got some snow. I hope you all are safe. It's been a while since my last post. I have been in the studio trying to turn out some product and working on school work.
The end of the semester is nearing and that is a busy time for me. So the number of posts from here until about December 10th could be very few. But I will try to do a better job of letting you know when I'll be away for a while. In those times be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook Pages as it is quicker for me to update and let you know what I'm doing or working on.
Today's post is a Moodboard of comfy and cozy! I realized, last week, that I create in themes. Both style of garment and color. What I mean is when I am working on a black and white dress, I finish it, then I look at all the black and white fabric I have and start to create with that or come up with a design so I can create something. The other part to this theme sewing I seem to do is categories. Last Thursday I made a pair of sweatpants, my very first pair ever, and then I made pajamas, and I was looking to see what other french terry or thermal fabric I had to make more sweats or legging pajama pants! Weird right? or Nah? Am I the only one who sews like this? 
I think that means that I am a Moody sewer LOL! When I am able to just go into the studio and create I go for what I'm in the mood for or in this week's case what mood the weather puts me in. In NC we've experienced some very cold temperatures over the last few days and that just makes me want to get comfy and cozy with blankets, socks, and of course my husband (cuddling of course ;-)) So I decided it may be a good idea to share with you on Monday's what my sewing mood is for the week. 
Rhianna's Studio comfy cozy moodboard monday

Most of these images are from Pinterest. You may have seen them. I put together this moodboard to represent everything I reach for or like when I'm in the mood to feel comfy cozy and cute at the same time

Rhianna's Studio moodboard monday comfy cozy
I'll be throwing in a little color too; which this image represents. :-)

What items do you reach for when you want to feel comfy and cozy? 

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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