Friday, October 3, 2014

Show Me Your Style Contest

Happy Friday!
So I know I was supposed to do a giveaway about a month or so ago to celebrate 10,000 pageviews. Well, I've passed that and am on my way to 15,000  but I like to keep my word. So I  thought it would be cool to do something a little different than just having you like something, leave a comment, or follow me here and there. So I created the #RSShowMeYourStyle challenge! 

Starting Monday,  October 6 through Sunday, October 12,  2014 I will be hosting a "Show me your style" challenge. To participate and for a chance to win a $25 e-gift card to a retailer of your choice you will need to look at the theme created for each day and create an outfit based on that particular challenge. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (whichever platform you choose to post your pictures) and share a picture of you wearing the daily theme using the hashtag #RSShowMeYourStyle 

Each day I will highlight someone and at the end of the week a winner will be chosen. You must be following me on at least one social media page and participate all 7 days to be considered for the $25 e-gift card. 
I will be sharing my looks here on the blog as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

I would LOVE for you to join me in this week long challenge! 
Be sure to spread the word and get your friends and family involved in the fun!

Get your friends and family involved by sharing this graphic and letting them you know you will be joining in on the fun! Guys are invited to join the contest as well!

#RSShowMeYourStyle 7 day challenge 
Monday: Patterns (Stripes, Plaid, Dots, Houndstooth, or Argyle)
Tuesday: Colored Shoes (Sneakers, Heels, Sandals, Boots, etc.)
Wednesday: Boots/Booties (Tims, Dress boots, Casual Boots, etc.)
Thursday: Favorite Color(s) (From head to toe or just one item, be free you pick!)
Friday: Cardigan/Sweater (Bring out the Bill Cosby Sweaters, it's all good! Sweater dresses count too!)
Saturday: Denim on Denim (Jackets w/Jeans, Button down w/Jeans, Skirts and Dresses count too!)
Sunday: Layers (Pile them on scarves, vests, jackets, etc. 'Tis the season!)

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 13, 2014  Start planning your looks, the challenge begins Monday with Patterns!

~xoxo Rhianna's Studio 

*this is not a sponsored post and IG, Fb, nor Twitter have any affiliation with this contest. 

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