Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How To Make Striped Fabric?

Rhianna's Studio DIY Striped Fabric Pique Black and Tan
Hello Loves!
  You may have seen a post I made on Instagram about making a striped fabric for a bodice with princess seams project that I am working on adding to a dress with a full skirt. One of my Instagram followers asked how I made it so I am going to share with you my process.
It's pretty straight forward. You just need to decide the width of your stripes. You can make evenly sized stripes or vary the stripes sizes. It's totally up to you! I knew I wanted 2 inch wide stripes so I measured two inches starting one inch down from the neckline making a line across the width of the pattern piece (See picture below). Tip: if you plan to use your pattern for other things, be sure to trace a copy of the pattern before cutting it for striping. 
Rhianna's Studio pattern making creating stripes fabric making
Be sure to number the pieces because you will be cutting them apart making sort of a puzzle. You want to be sure to limit the stress of not knowing which piece comes first when sewing. 
Rhianna's Studio DIY Making Striped Fabric
 I also added letters to represent the colors I used. So T = Tan and B= black.  This will help when laying the pattern pieces on the fabric and speed up the process. 
Rhianna's Studio How To Make A Striped Fabric DIY
Once you have the labels and your lines drawn you will want to cut on the lines and then tape your pieces to paper to draw your seam allowance. I use .5" seam allowance. You can just draw this onto your fabric if you do not wish to tape your pieces to paper to add the allowance. 
Rhianna's Studio How to Make a Striped Fabric DIY
Once you've cut each piece out of it's specified fabric color you will then sew each together. You will have a number of horizontal seams in the garment but you can serge them or cover them with a lining :-)
#DIY Rhianna's Studio Making Striped Fabric
There you have it! Not too bad right? I also applied this technique to a full skirt. I will have a tutorial for making a full skirt soon. I know I've promised this before but life just keeps on getting in the way but it is on my to do list!

If you use this technique be sure to tag me @rhiannasstudio if you share on Twitter or Instagram I would love to see your creations!

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Bonita Nance said...

Interesting technique. I thought you may have made a few yds and then cut out the pattern pieces. Your technique saves on the work and wasted fabric.

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thank you for your comment, Bonita! I did not have the time to create yardage, it did cross my mind but I thought this method would be best for me. Are you planning to try this technique?