Wednesday, October 15, 2014

♡Back in the Studio ♡

Just a quick hello! It feels good to be back in the studio creating again this week.
Last week there was no time with the #RSShowMeYourStyle challenge and I was working hard to watch all of my lectures for the semester for my online class. I challenged myself to complete this task in 14 days and I did it! Now I need to catch up on research for my dissertation and writing papers for my online class.  I said all that to say that blogging this week will be sparse for me as I complete a project/challenge to rid all excess and remnant fabric in my studio. So it feels good to be creating not only for the sake of creating and doing what I love but also because it helps free up some space so I can get my overflow of fabric stored properly.  
I will of course share with you the project once it is complete. I'm very excited about it. It's definitely out of my norm. :-)  Until next time loves!

~xoxo Rhianna's Studio


Bonita Nance said...

Cant wait to see the final project! Congrats on finishing your lectures!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thank you Bonita!