Monday, October 27, 2014

What's Your Fashion Design Process?

Rhianna's Studio Fashion Design Fall 2014 Storyboard
Hello Loves!
 I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  I'm making great progress on my project I've been hard at work on. Which has inspired me to share more of my design process with you.

 Not all designers take the same process when designing a collection.  But there are general steps  or phases they go through when completing this task. You will organically develop your own path as you start designing your collections. There are many frameworks that outline the apparel design process for industry. It is large and complicated :-) The information I share with you will be from an independent designer/entrepreneurial point of view. Below is a general model/framework of retail product development created by an author whose last name, Gaskill in 1992. 

Complicated, right?! I have a very technical background that really focuses on textile processing fiber to yarn to package winding to weaving or knitting and some nonwoven application as well. And includes technical development of apparel from idea development using storyboards to pattern construction, marker making and  fit assessment. But for this blog and my life I prefer to focus on the creative aspects for the independent  apparel/fashion industry!

As I mentioned the actual creative design process can be different and the same steps are not always taken by every designer. For instance, I mentioned in a previous post here about my melded process using both the creative and the technical processes together. Well sometimes my process is shorter and I can go from idea to pattern to cutting and sewing the garment without having to do fittings and prototyping. It just depends on if it is a new look that I am doing or creating something for a model or client I've never fit before. 
I've said all of this to say and share with you my process I've recently taken with creating my fall transitional wardrobe. Which with the weather being the way it's been lately I don't think we will ever really have "fall" weather. Which I view fall weather to be in the 60's and we've experienced mid to high 70's for most of September and October. But anyways with designing my fall wardrobe I decided to make an inspiration/mood board as well as a storyboard that included sketches of the designs and fabric swatches. 

Rhianna's Studio Mood board Fashion Design Storyboard Fall 2014

My next step in the design process is to draft patterns, but first I have to chose which look(s) to work on first. I usually do a little from each look but I think this time I will pace myself doing too much at once can put me into overload! The good thing about doing these boards is they provide you with a visual that can assist with keeping you motivated and focused. I know I can get distracted pretty easily and want to move on to the next project with out completing the first. Stay tuned to find out which I make first.

What's your design process? What things do you do to keep the creative juices flowing and keep your projects on track?

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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