Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What to Wear To Transition From Summer To Fall?

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 I hope you are well. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen the posts about planning my fall wardrobe. If you aren't following me on Instagram, what are you waiting for?
As a designer I am inspired by almost everything when creating garments; music, fabric, nature, costumes, TV shows, characters in movies, the list goes on and on. It so happens with planning my transitional (from summer to fall) wardrobe, I've been inspired by fabric! Being that this is Rhianna's Studio I have decided to share with you my processes for designing my clothing. I plan to share how I come up with my transitional wardrobe and my actual fall wardrobe. The fabric below is what I have selected from my stash and placing orders online. My next step will be to make sketches for each fabric to aid in planning the desired look. I will share this process in my next post. 

The notebook you see in the photo is for writing down my ideas and making quick sketches as they pop in my mind so I don't forget them when it is time to create patterns and the final garment. 
I generally follow the traditional creative & technical designer's design process: 


Long process right? That's why the fashion industry gets started early. Ever pay attention to how the fashion shows present future seasons meaning in the fall they show spring collections for the upcoming year? This is so orders can be placed, production schedule made, and shelves stocked in time for us to purchase during the appropriate seasons.  However; stores like Zara and Mango are fast fashion retailers so they have multiple lines come out per year so their inventory is smaller and they constantly have new items available. 
I plan to show you every step I take in creating my wardrobe so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy the journey!
Do you follow a process when you make clothes? Do you plan your shopping trips? How do you come up with your fall wardrobe? 

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