Friday, August 1, 2014

Nail Polish Vending Machines?

Hello Loves!

  Happy Friday! Have you heard the news? If you love nail polish like I do then you may be excited about this new invention from Essie.

Essie's recent invention is the nail polish vending machine which are coming to airports and malls near you! So far there are only a couple of airports (JFK and Oakland International)

Isn't it great?! If you forget your favorite nail polish you actually have an opportunity before boarding your flight to purchase quality nail polish. Not that cheap stuff most airport stores have. You know?! I think it's a great invention and having them located in malls and airports but at retail store prices. Yes, a bottle is the same price you would pay at Target if you were to pick up a bottle. I hate how stores in the airport or malls try to hike up the prices just because of their location and they know you are desperate for the product and can't leave the airport to shop for a bargain. 

Unfortunately, I don't travel much but when they come to a mall near me, I will be sure to check it out. What about you?  

What do you think of essie's new invention? 

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Bonita Nance said...

I actually saw one of these at the Houston TX airport. I thought it was so cool. That airport is really techie. They have web bars. Free ipad use while you eat, drink etc.