Friday, August 15, 2014

How To DIY A Duvet Cover?

Rhianna's Studio DIY Duvet Cover
Hello Loves!
 I hope you had an awesome week! I apologize for not making a blog post of my new bedding I created and listing the prizes for the blogiversary giveaway yesterday. I ran errands yesterday from 10:00AM until almost 4:00PM in the hot sun and I felt so bad afterwards. I think it was because I hadn't eaten. But anyways on to the purpose of this blog post.

Rhianna's Studio DIY Duvet Cover
So to make the duvet cover I needed three panels (original post here). The first thing needed to do is check the tag for the dimensions of the comforter. Generally a King Size is 108" x 96" but this can vary. These are however, the dimensions of my comforter. 
  • The fabric I used was 54" wide. In this type of duvet you want the middle panel to cover as much of the bed as the fabric width will allow. 
  • So I used the full width of the fabric for the center and then I calculated the remainder by using the following calculation 108 - 54 = 54.  
  • Knowing I needed two additional panels, I divided 54 by 2.  Giving me 27 therefore the remaining panels should measure 27. 
  • I used an one inch seam allowance so that I had rooms to match up the pattern and make any other needed adjustments.
  • For the length you will want to add 2 inches to 96 for seam allowances. 
  • I used snaps to close the duvet
  • The total yardage required was 14 yards (includes shams and one duvet cover) *I used black on the back of my duvet cover* *A sheet can be used if you do not want to spend additional money on fabric*
I really enjoyed working with this fabric from an ease of sewing and handling standpoint. Of course having to match patterns can be a little frustrating at time, but this print was not too bad. The great thing was I was able to use the edge of the repeat to match the pattern from the center panel to the side panels. This fabric is 100% cotton plain weave. I paid $7 from an upholstery outlet near my house. It is a Waverly fabric I seem to be really attracted to their prints. Most of the fabrics I like are by Waverly. 
All the pillow created featured a different fabric on the back (Check out the tutorial for the pillows here). Two shams made with the same fabric as the duvet with a black and white lattice fabric on the back. The Euro pillows were created with a cotton duck fabric with a solid black twill on the back. All fabrics were pretty easy to sew. The smaller accent pillow was created with a quilters fabric with a damask print and the back features an elephant cut from the damask fabric and attached to white muslin. 
Rhianna's Studio DIY Duvet Cover
Now for the Giveaway!!
I will be posting the rules and showing a picture of the prizes tomorrow. 
Here is a list of the prizes:
A Colored Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Straw
A Lattice Print Hard Cover Journal
A Pen
A birdcage 
Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Pure Ice Nail Polish
A Lint Brush
If you would like a pictured or video tutorial for anything I share on my blog, please leave a comment or email me and let me know. 

Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio


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