Monday, July 7, 2014

What's the STEP Program at NC State University?

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 You may remember from a previous post that I was a project leader for two weeks at NCSU's College of Textiles (COT) during their Summer Textile Exploration Program (STEP). I thought I would share my student's hard work with you. 

The students who attended the program are rising seniors and from the U.S. During the two weeks I taught the students were from different cities/towns in North Carolina.  The Summer Textile Exploration Program exposes high school students to one week of what college life is like. The project portion is an example of what a class would be like in their concentration. I worked with the Business Management group and we discussed brand and marketing management. They worked on a week long project where they would analyze companies' social media use for marketing and approaches they were taking for branding.  The first  week of students actually re-branded a company and the second group branded their own made up small business!
The students did a great job. I especially enjoyed the creativity of the second group. They were very open to learn new things and worked fairly well together. They worked extremely hard during the week and it paid off in the end! The students created a sock company called Sock It 2 Me and their tagline was 'Put A Sock On It'. So adorable! They worked so hard that they got to turn their presentation boards into actual working social media profiles and a website. What really took the cake for me with this group was they did a photo shoot in socks so that would have real images to include in their internet marketing. They showed great initiative! Here is the website they developed
Each group had to create ideation boards to express visually their brainstorming sessions on target market, brand image, logo, etc. Here are the top boards from the first week:
Here are the top boards from the second week:
The students were also required to make a board that represented their Internet Marketing Plan. Here are the results from each week:
Week one's explanation of what will appear on their social media.

Week two's Internet Marketing Board that shows their Social Media and Website.

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Bonita Nance said...

That's amazing! So much work and detail in such little time. Kudos to all of the rising high school students!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Yes, the did a wonderful job in such a small amount of time!