Friday, July 11, 2014

Thigh High Socks: To Do or Not To Do?

Hello Loves!
 Ok so, whenever I watch TV I am always looking at what people are wearing. Do you do that too? Or is it just me? No matter if it is costume (commercials, reality tv, movies, tv shows) or fashion (news clips) I want to see what they're wearing!
I recently saw an episode of Love and Hip Hop where Erica Pinkett wore some thigh high socks with tiny short shorts. First of all  I LOVEEE funky socks. I have a collection of fancy socks with different prints and lace designs and they range from ankle sock to over the knee. So when I saw these I was like...I'm in Love! 

Later, I watched the BET awards and saw backup dancers wearing some of the ruby inspired white thigh high socks with green stripes. And I was like ok, I've gotta get some. So I am considering ordering a couple pair from American Apparel. I'm thinking to get a solid color and a ruby style. I have an idea  of how I can jazz up the solid color socks with a DIY!  

I don't know what it is. I've always loved knee socks. Before retailers started making cool looking ones. I would purchase men socks and wear a loose t-shirt, denim "booty shorts" with my knee socks and Sauconey sneakers. Oh I was like 16 and that was my style :-) I thought I was super fly!!

 I also love tights. I have tons of colors and different prints of tights also.  It seems that the thigh high socks are a middle ground between the knee socks and the tights I love! Am I alone in my socks and tights fetish? 

If I do get a pair I am not exactly sure how I would rock them. I have an idea of how I would wear them around the house but I'm toying with some ideas for public :-) I've seen girls wear the over the knee socks with short skirts or shorts and combat boots or Mary Jane heels. Not sure if that's the route I will go. Got any ideas of how you would rock them, if you would wear them?
This is how Blogger, Caylee of If You Seek Style, wore a pair of thigh high socks. I am not feeling those shoes tho. 
What do you think about the long socks trend? Is this a To Do or a Not To Do and why?


Kely Sews said...

I would love to own some, if I could find some to fit my thunder thighs. I have always wanted some, And visualized a photo shoot with the football jersey and those socks. But I have found any online that would fit someone with big legs. I wouldnt wear them out but around the house ...oooh yes...

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Hey Kely Sews! I've been hearing the same comment about fitting on the thighs. I'm nervous now...hopefully they will fit. I have some over the knee socks that fit fine on my thighs so fingers crossed. I'll let you know how it goes. It is so funny I was thinking to rock them the same way- with a football jersey! If I come across any sites with thigh highs for larger legs Ill let you know. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...
Not quite the same but they have so many different sorts to fit different types! Even us with the bigger thights!
SUPER GREAT! I recommend!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thank you for sharing this link Anonymous!