Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To Choose Between A New Purse and New Fabric?

PeggySueAlso Leather Hide - Rhianna's Studio Anniversary Gift
Hello Loves!
 Well I've been presented with a hard choice to make for my 3rd wedding anniversary gift. 
My husband and I have spent most of the day debating what to get each other as an anniversary gift. We are both holding off on making the final purchases LOL! I want to buy him some new Oxfords for him to wear to work but he is like well hold off on getting my gift. So I am like what does this man have up his sleeve? LOL! 
PeggySueAlso Leather Hide - Rhianna's Studio Anniversary Gift
As for me, my choices are between this lovely orange hide (enough to make a jacket!) you see or a new leather handbag. Now, I am not that big on  handbags. A $40 or less bag from Aldo Shoes suits me just fine. I generally purchase a handbag that is neutral and will match most of my wardrobe and I carry it everyday. I'm not big into switching my bag out. Shame on me, right? I generally go with clutches, if I am going to change out a bag to match an outfit.

There is a leather bag at Aldo (black satchel) that is part of the choices and a Leather Steven Btaraji (Black and tan satchel) from DSW. Which would you choose? Would it be a hard choice for you too?
Be sure to check back tomorrow (our anniversary) to see what choices we make!

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Kely Sews said...

Oh that is a very hard choice, I run my purses into the ground so Im trying to get in the habit of purchasing handbags.. But I agree don't have to be expensive just something nice. I would go with hide just because a jacket would be awesome and one of a kind piece

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Kely Sews I do the same thing with my bags, honey! They have to be thrown out with holes in them when I'm done. But I recently started taking them apart for the hardware. Those zippers can be quite awesome to reuse! Yeah, I'm leaning towards the hide but still dunno. I would leave it up to him to make the choice for me but I'm scared LOL! I'll let you know what I decide. Thanks for the comments!