Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Three Things Are You Loving Right Now?

Hello Everyone!
I hope your week is off to a great start! I am writing during an electrical storm so I am nervous each time the lightening flashes LOL! I do not do well with lightening. My husband thinks I am a big baby but I have been scarred by lightening hitting the house and knocking down live wires in the yard and tree branches and a smoke filled house from burning wires. But anyway. I actually wanted to share with you today three things that I am loving right now.


  1. Elephant Figurine - My sister knows me so well. She gave this baby elephant to me as a Christmas gift! I absolutely love elephants and I have a pretty big (for an apartment) collection of these figurines. They range from large leather ones that sit on the floor to small ones that sit on the desk or hang around my neck (jewelry charm) LOL! This particular figurine sits in my design studio on my bookshelf this is in front of my sewing machine so I get to see him all the time! And he brings me good luck while working in the studio :-)
  2. Printed Knit - Graphic fabrics are really big right now. I'm loving this fabric that I got from lowpricefabric.com and I plan to make a pencil skirt out of it.
  3. Jessica Simpson 'Julez' Sandal - I am so in love with these sandals. I have a red pair and now a green pair and I have my eye on the pink. This shoe comes in a lot of colors and they are perfect for the spring and summer. They really dress up a casual look like jeans or a knit skirt/dress. Check them out! I'm sure you'll love them. You can order them online at Off Broadway Shoes!
    What things are you loving this week?
    Share them with me here or leave a comment on my Facebook page!

    Thank you for reading!
    ~xoxo Rhianna's Studio


    Kely Sews said...

    The shoes!!! Love them how do you keep your foot from slipping or do you ever have that problem?/ My feet sweat in the summer and the slip and slides in my heels/wedges..
    Im also scared of lightning....

    Deirdra Rhianna said...

    Hey Kely! I have sweaty feet from time to time. I notice it worst when I put lotion on shortly before I put my shoes on so I try to lotion my feet well in advance. I also use those gel instep cushions from Aldo and they help a lot. You can check them out at this link http://bit.ly/1qtMOiO.

    Let me know if this helps at all :-)

    Have you recreated the yellow skirt and navy striped outfit yet?