Monday, June 2, 2014

What Are Some Great Display DIY's?

Hello Everyone! I hope you are well! Today I am sharing with you some DIY's that I plan to do very soon. I mentioned this in a previous blog, but Lisa Pullano is a YoutTuber who does all types of DIY projects from makeup to home decor. And I am absolutely in love with her YouTube channel!
Lisa did a video showing ideas of displaying your jewelry. I'm actually going to use this technique for displaying my hummingbirds that my husband purchased for me last year. It's have been in a box ever since it was brought home. I just could not figure out where to display this piece in our apartment where it would look nice and would not get broken.
I have wanted one of these blown glass art pieces since I was a child and I finally got one! I would see them when we traveled at gas stations and I always wanted one, especially the unicorns and the roses. But I never bought one myself nor did my parents purchase me one but I don't think I even asked, weird huh?  Anyway my family and I were at the NC State Fair last year and there was an artisan there that makes these glass figures and I told my husband the story of me always wanting one and he bought the hummingbirds for me. So sweet, right? 
So now I am going to do a DIY to make a proper display case for my hummingbirds. Here is the video of the jewelry display by Lisa Pullano. Check it out below. 

Isn't it amazing?! I'm so in love! And I cannot wait to try it! Don't you want to try it with me? Come on I know you do :-)
I've gone shopping for some items and I know what I am going to use as far as a glass votive and the plate. I am not sure if I am going to add the candle stick holder to the bottom and I need to find a knob. I will update you guys on what I find and the final product!

I'm excited!
As always, Thank you for reading!

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