Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What are Reasons Women Cut Their Hair?

 Hello Everyone!
  I hope you all are well. Today my post is bittersweet. I think the most common reason women cut their hair is to change it up because they want something different.  Other reasons are breakage or damage due to chemical. Well the damage part is sort of the reason I cut my hair.
Last Thursday when I posted that I would be doing laundry all day on my Instagram, I had no idea that in between loads I would catch my hair on fire! Yes, my hair lit up like the fourth of July fireworks finale. Ya'll remember when Kimbella from Love and Hip Hop New York hair caught fire? Well if you don't please watch the video below. 

Well my experience was 10 times worse as my flame was extremely hard to contain. And spread from the left side of my head near my ear to the top of head and was moving quickly toward the other side. PSA: Women be very careful when you are wearing a twist out. Keep away from flames. Yes, I had a twist out similar to Kimbella's and my hair caught fire as I bent down to put something away under the sink in my bathroom. The candle was one of those glass three wick candles from Bath & Body Works

So my hair was about 12 - 14 inches long and about 5 inches burned off. Like Kimbella's there were tufts of hair falling out. I also saw ash! This was the worst! What's weird is that after I put it out I was calm enough to wave a towel at the smoke detector that was blaring due to the smoke that filled the apartment from front to back. And don't get me started on the smell. It was awful! I thought it would never leave! 

Here is a little of the lot that came out! Anways, back to the story, after I got the smoke detector to shut up and I walk back towards the kitchen and pick up my hair I begin to freak out and so I called my mom and by the time she answered I am balling out of control because it finally set in what happened. I was so scared and nervous because I was home alone and I really thought I was going to catch my clothes on fire and make things 20 times worse. I thank God for my mom's ability to calm her overly excitable daughter down! I am so grateful for this woman as she left work immediately and drove 1.5 hours to be with me and make sure I was ok.  I did calm down enough to wrap my hair in a scarf and go to Urgent Care to be sure the flames did not touch my scalp. And it turns out that it didn't. Then it was time to wash it and remove the clumps that were entangled in the hair still attached to my scalp. By the time I finished this my mom was here and she checked it out an assessed the amount of damage done to my hair and it didn't seem to be too much.  

After that she called her beautician in Charlotte and got her to take me and my mom (she already had a scheduled appointment) on Friday so I could get my new cut. The above picture is the rest of the hair that was cut from my head.  It feels so much lighter and I am hoping that it grows back thicker than it was before. As part of the recovery process I am thinking to take some hair thickening supplements. I will share with you what I pick up and how it works just in case you would like to try this too (not the catching hair on fire but the supplements for thickening hair).

I'm loving the cut! It seems it will be a little easier to keep up and I can still pull it up out of my face which is really important b/c my face gets irritated by my hair. What do you think of it? Have you gotten a new look lately?
I am so grateful to have a loving and caring mother. She never once laughed at me or made fun of the situation and I appreciate that. What are some of your "Thank you Mama" moments? Share with me below or post a message on my Facebook 

Thank you for Reading!
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Bonita Nance said...

As you thought things could be 20 times worse, I had not idea what to expect. All I could do was put it in God's hands and believe everything was going to work out. Each day, my and your father's prayer is to protect our daughters. We couldnt go through our day, without knowing that God is looking after our children and each other. The angels are all around us for a reason. I'm glad we know him and all that he does for us imperfect people. I love you, Dad loves you, Tu'sdae loves you, Malcolm loves you and most of all- as I know you know - God loves you and protects you always. I'm proud that you can share your experience. Love you always!
Mom (aka Bonita Nance)

Deirdra Rhianna said...

I love you guys too! I believe we can all learn from each other so that is why I share :-)