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How to DIY a Mani-Pedi for Under $20?

Rhianna's Studio Spa Mani-Pedi under $20
Hello Loves!
   I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Did you watch Orange is the New Black? It's back on Netfllix in case you weren't aware! I actually completed the series over the weekend. It had an interesting ending and I have to say I laughed because it was so shocking. I was caught off guard. Anyways today's post is about my trip to Dollar Tree and Sally Beauty Supply for products to do a manicure and a pedicure. 


I was able to get all the products for under $20! I actually spent about $15 bucks. $5 at Sally and the rest at the Dollar Tree!

Below are the items from Dollar Tree...
Rhianna's Studio - spa mani-pedi under $20
1. Pink Water Bottle - $1 
2. Bath Soak - $1
3. 4 Way Pedicure Stick - $1
4. 3 pack of small bottles (alcohol and manicure scrub) - $1
5. Apricot Scrub - $1
6. Manicure brush - $1
7. Caddy - $1
8. Moisturizing Gloves - $1/pair
9. Moisturizing Socks - $1/pair
There are other items that are needed to complete the pedicure and manicure like the cuticle stick (orange stick), nail clippers, finger nail files. I did not need to purchase these items as I have them at home already. However, Dollar Tree sells them in a pack for a $1 and it includes the toe spacers! Also if you need alcohol they sell that for $1 there as well! So even if you needed to purchase these items you can still get the full pedicure and manicure products for under $20 it would be like $17 to $18 depending on taxes and the price you pay for the foot and hand treatments from Sally. But still a good deal right? 

Now if you do not have a foot bath, you can always use your bath tub or if you have a large round bucket, or storage container (without holes in bottom) or you may be able to find a tub for a dollar at Dollar Tree then you will be at $18 or $19 for the mani-pedi but still under $20!
Sally Beauty Supply Items Below
rhianna's studio DIY mani-pedi under $20
1. Intensive Foot Treatment - $2.50
2. Intensive Hand Treatment - $2.50
They were on sale two for $5.00. The regular price is $3.29 A beauty card holder can get it for $2.99 or you may catch them on sale like I did! Still not a bad price, right?
Here is how I do my spa pedicure
Rhianna's Studio mani-pedi under $20
Step 1: add water and foot soak

rhianna's studio diy spa mani-pedi under $20
Step 2: Soak feet for 20 minutes

Step 3: Scrub feet with 4 way brush also use the pumice, then the scraper, then the smooth file

Step 4: Remove nail polish and spray toes with water

Step 5: Push back cuticles 

Step 6: Spray with Alcohol

Step 6: Shape nails and put feet in Treatment Bag (follow directions on the packaging)

Step 7: Polish toes
Once your toe nails dry you can add your favorite moisturizer to your feet and put on the Moisturizing Socks from Dollar Tree!
I take similar steps for my manicure also. Here I use the small manicure double sided brush to clean my hands and finger nails.  I use a glass bowl that I got a while back from Dollar Tree for my manicures. 
Step 1: Add Water and Bath Soak to glass bowl

Step 2: Soak hands for 15 minutes

Step 3: Scrub nails and hands with manicure brush

Step 4: Remove nail polish and spray with water

Step 5: Push back cuticles

Step 6: Spay with Alcohol (optional)

Step 7: Shape nails

Step 8: Put hands in Treatment bag (Follow directions on the packaging)
Once your fingernails dry you can add your favorite moisturizer to your hands and put on the Moisturizing Gloves from Dollar Tree!

So do you think you will try this? Do you currently do DIY pedicures and manicures at home? It's a great way to save money, right? 

Thank you for Reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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