Monday, June 16, 2014

How Did You Celebrate Father's Day?

Hello Everyone!

   I hope you are well today! I hope you enjoyed your Father's Day weekend. I had a great time celebrating Father's Day with my Dad this weekend.
On Sunday true to form my Dad is outside washing his cars and he took care of  mine as well as checked my sister's tires even on a day where we are to be celebrating him he is taking care of his girls! Later we went to the movies to see X-Men: Days of Future Past. I loved it! I am such a big fan of super hero and those type of movies! I can't wait to see Transformers! What! What! 
The "kids" (me, my husband, and my sister) got my dad a pair of J's. He was so excited he was talking to a stranger  (little kid next to him at the theater) about his new J's. It was funny. I'm glad he likes his present. We have another great surprise planned for him for his birthday I hope he enjoys this also!  

I am writing you today to share my excitement this week to share a little of my knowledge with today's youth. I am the project leader of a summer program that my University does each summer where students apply to spend one week learning about our College (College of Textiles) I am doing a project on branding, marketing and the use of social media!  So I am not sure how much I will actually get to blog this week. 
I was able to take some pictures of one of the outfits I made as part of the design challenge I did back in May. I will  try to share those with you tomorrow. Enjoy your Monday!

Thank you for reading,
 ~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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