Friday, June 13, 2014

Curvy Fit Friday: Do You Sew For Others?

Hello Loves!
  Happy Friday. Did you know that is Friday the 13th? I'm not going to go into a whole big thing about it but just be careful out there ;-) Anyways I am just leaving you guys with a quick hello today. I am doing a lot of running around preparing to go out of town for Father's Day this weekend. I was in the studio all day yesterday. 
My cousin reached out to me to make her a camouflage maxi skirt. But she left it up to me to decide the design elements. So true to form I picked something that would compliment her curves. My cuz has shapely hips as I do so I knew that would be the area of focus. So I decided to make a mermaid maxi skirt for her. This was made to measure. She emailed me her measurements and then I created the skirt. I hope it works for her! 
I am always concerned about making clothes for people from a distance, especially when it is not a knit. The reasoning is because I am so passionate about my craft and I want everything to be perfect the first time. While this doesn't happen very often,  I really feel awful when something doesn't go right the first time. When clients are local I just make alterations. It usually take this in or let this out type things. However, when someone from a distance needs alterations, I generally have them take care of those themselves because of travel costs and shipping and things like that the cost would sky rocket and the time for all of that is unnecessary. It's easier to take it to the cleaners.  Do you sew for others? If so, how to you make sure they are repeat customers?
More information on the skirt to follow...
The fabric was ordered from It is a Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric. It is a narrower fabric so if you are used to ordering 58" to 60" and using most of the width, you will want to adjust in the length. However, you can only order in 1 yard increments from Michael Levine so you will want to make note of that as well. The fabric behaved as a typically woven fabric. It is light weight so you will want to use the appropriate sized needle for this.
STYLE: Because I was making a skirt from a woven fabric I wanted to be sure to have a nice waistband. I elected to make the waistband 2 inches wide which flatters the waist line. I still wanted it to be causal enough to wear with flip flops so I made sure to not add too much flare to the bottom to make it look dressy.

FINISHING TECHNIQUES: To finish the waistband I doubled it and added interfacing to one side of the waistband. I folded up the seam allowance and hand stitched it closed to hold it while I stitched in a ditch to permanently hold it down.  Stitching in the ditch used to be extremely difficult for me I would always stitch onto the waistband or down under the stitch line or I would stitch all around the waistband only to find out that the inside was not being stitched with the bobbin thread and I would have to do it all over again. Has anyone else had this issue?

I had stitched the hem of the skirt. I chose to hand stitch versus machine stitch because I like the cleanness of it. Sometimes the line around the hemline can be distracting from the beauty of the piece. 
I used an invisible zipper for the closure
TIPS: Hand basting the waistband in place helps stabilize it and reduces the possibility of missing it underneath. I generally stitch with the fabric to the right of the sewing machine, however to obtain a perfect stitch in the ditch I stitch with the fabric to the left of the machine. It is important to see the ditch versus the edge of the waistband. It helps with keeping it in control.  If you would like a tutorial for this, let me know below or send me a message or post a comment on my Fb page

I hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great weekend!
Thank you for Reading!
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