Friday, May 23, 2014

Who's Celebrating 5,000 Page Views?

Hello Everyone!
Rhianna's Studio is, that's who! I am so thankful to each and every one of you for visiting my blog. I know that I am a small fish in a large blogger pond and knowing that makes it even more special that you guys are taking the time to check out the blog! 
To some bloggers 5,000 page views is nothing or it's something they see daily or even hourly. But to me it's a lot because it could be 0 so I appreciate each and every view you guys make. I hope that you are enjoying what you are reading or at least enjoying viewing the images.

In true Rhianna's Studio form here is a dress I just made. It is fresh off the sewing machine. It is a midi dress. It is part of the challenge so I will do a separate post to update you on the week.

Thank you for your support and here's to the next 5,000!
xoxo ~Rhianna's Studio

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