Friday, May 30, 2014

Is Reflection Good for the Soul?

Hello Everyone!
  As promised I am writing about the process and experience of the 'Piles to Products' challenge I posed to myself to rid myself of some clutter that my excess fabric was creating.  What a venture to take on!


It was definitely a lot of fun turning out roughly an outfit a day during the first week. My favorite pieces to make were the graphic tees.  This was a new thing for me. I enjoyed it so much because it was different from any other graphic tee I've attempted in the past. Generally I followed the at home screen printing method - using the heat transfers. I've also painted a tee shirt years and years ago when I was a child (in age, not mindset - LOL!) that was fun but took forever. It was a graphic of Sylvester and Tweety Bird (the Looney Tunes cartoon characters). 
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While it was a lot of fun and gratifying when I could actually start and finish garment (from pattern to hemming) in a day, those days I couldn't were a little disappointing. I had to really have a talk with myself and try not to get so frustrated as I normally do when I am unable to do all the things I set out to do in a day. Life will always get in the way. I used to say time was my worst enemy but not anymore. I had to understand that I am not super woman and I have responsibilities that I have to attend to and I can't just do whatever I want when I want all day long. I also had to take into account my limitation with energy and the fact that I cannot ingest caffeine (energy drinks or sodas) to keep me up. Because ingesting caffeine causes issues with my breast health. I have fibrocystic breasts where I get small cyst in my breast and caffeine makes it worse. 
 Because I have more energy in the mornings as I generally wake at 5:00 am I generally would use this time to do my sewing and pattern making. And by the time my husband was home I would be done for the day so we can have dinner and spend time together. Now I may not have completed all that I thought I would by that time but 8 - 10 hours was my cutoff for the challenge. I know that if I sew sleepy I will make mistakes and have accidents so I DON'T if I can help it.

(My and the husband at my friend Bernie's wedding)
Over the years of developing collections for fashion shows I have learned how to implement time management strategies into my projects. In the past I have stayed up all night for days in a row, I have had to not include garments because I couldn't finish in time I also have sewn up to the last minute before the show starts with models waiting at the site of the show for their garments an the show starting in 20 minutes. Of course this is the typical story of a fashion designer. However, the repercussions of this method to finishing a creation was not good. I would fall asleep at the wheel and cause myself sewing injuries as well as get sick.  This project did not have any strict parameters as far as the number of garments or anything like that it was just to decrease the piles and increase my spring/summer wardrobe. So I felt good about limiting the time to 8 - 10 hours (a general work day).
It feels so good to me to look back and evaluate what I've done good and bad. I learn so much about myself and the processes I've taken. It helps me grow. I want to be the best I can be and inspire and help others. So each reflections allows me to better perfect my craft, process, and work habits which in turn makes me better!

Review of the 2 week Piles to Products Challenge:

"Piles to Products"

"Elegant Elephant" Style

"Oh Leopard Baby"


"Boy Meets Girl"

"Printed Flowers"

"Set Sail" Style

"Fashion Ads"

"Striped Out"

"Striped Elegance"

"Striped Midis"

"The Finale"

So what did you think of my progress? Have you reflected on your life or craft lately? What were your realizations? Was it good for your soul?

As Always! Thank you for reading!
~xoxo Rhianna's Studio

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