Thursday, May 8, 2014

Can Cleaning and Organizing be Therapeutic?

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Hello Everyone!
I have been away for quite sometime but I am making a comeback!  School has ended and I can now focus on other aspects of my life like cleaning my apartment.  Which I was able to do as much as I'd have like during the hectic semester I just had.  You guys know how that is, right? Too busy to clean so you just throw it in a pile and say I'll get to it later. I'm particularly guilty of this when it comes to laundry, am I the only one?

During my busy semester I often felt overwhelmed with all the deadlines, traveling,  and  massive amount of work required.  It just felt like I can never get ahead so I would stress and then get anxious and restless. How I would overcome these feelings would be by stopping and cleaning up or creating a schedule to help organize my time for assignments and other responsibilities.  I would actually feel better by just cleaning the kitchen. I started questioning why cleaning and organizing has this calming affect on me. Does it have this affect on you?

My sister and I are really close and we talk like every day.  It was through a series of conversations with her that we realized that mess causes stress.  So these feelings of being overwhelmed were not just from school but also from the inability to complete everything on my to do list for household and other life responsibilities.  

Of course I told my husband about my therory. He just thinks I have OCD. And he doesn't think he gets mentally blocked by mess but I beg to differ.

With me being the researcher that I am I set out to answer my question of Is cleaning and organizing a form of therapy and provide some scientific confirmation :-).  Well I found my answer on The specific article can found here. Mess does cause stress!  This article offers some tips on how to address the issue.Now I have proof to show my husband and he can get on board with ridding our space of clutter! I hope.

I also found a site called that has helpful tips on organizing and creating a living space that makes you feel good. 
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Yesterday I deccided to assist my husband with organizing his music studio and found these ID boxes by Sterilite.They have a dry erase element on the front and I found that I really like them. I generally use the clear containers. These are sold at both Wal-Mart and Target. And will now be my go to containers in the future. The fact that the dry erase element comes in bright colors doesn't hurt either!

How do you handle clutter? Does it stress you too? Leave a comment below and share your cleaning and/or organization tips!

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Bonita Nance said...

Because I don't live by myself, I have learned to understand clutter.Clutter means different things to different species (ill trained male). I find there are degrees of clutter and when it has reached my level of degree (which over the years has sorta mellowed out to straightening vs. cleaning) I start to straighten. Now when it comes to cleaning, I have to set out specific times and dates. But in either mode, I dont let it stress me out, because life is too short and I am not the one to repeat herself, I just banish him to his man cave where he can enjoy all of his clutter! I do have certain rooms that are off limits to him which I consider my sanctuary ( and he gets that, thank God :-). Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and go to where you're happiest! Just a thought!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

I'm glad to hear you have a plan in place! :-) I do strongly believe in what the article mentions about clutter influencing other aspects of your life keeping you from focusing in on the things you need to. Think of the heightened potential of an individual that could possibly be lost just because of a little clutter...Just a thought. :-)

Thanks for your comment!