Thursday, April 17, 2014

#tbt prom ready? A #DIY.

 Hello Everyone!
 It's Throw Back Thursday again! I am repeating a #tbt theme - prom season! Here is a dress that I made back in 2006 to present at a Fashion Show where I won first place!!

The gown is princess seamed and hand pleated. Princess seams are a great way to accommodate the change in proportions on a woman's body as you can really pinch out all of the excess fabric so that the garment nicely shapes the curves.  The fabric is a silk dupioni (raw silk). The bottom is gathered and attached on top of the body of the dress. There are also a couple of layers of tulle between the dupioni and the lining fabric to create the full shape at the bottom.

I met the model in an art course in college and she is an amazing person with amazing curves! LOL! I really enjoyed making this dress to fit her. She has a tiny waist with very defined hips and an amble curve in the buttock :-) which in my opinion makes the dress look so much better :-) We will credit that to her Brazilian blood line. I actually enjoy making gowns the most of all the things I have created ;-)

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about my design history :-)

Thanks for reading!

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