Thursday, April 24, 2014

#tbt How to wear an open front corset?

Hello Everyone!
Well it is yet another Throw Back Thursday! Today I am sharing one of my very first creations I made for a fashion show while in college. This piece showed in the African American Textile Society's Fashion Expose'  in 2005. How sassy is this model? Doesn't this look really vintage and burlesque? LOVE IT! LOL!


This piece took a lot of thought and creativity in the order of operations as well as finding the perfect notions and fabrics. This was definitely a group effort as I pulled in my Dad because I could not find a faux leather that was soft enough for me to use. All that was available was stiff vinyl. So I found a home furnishing fabric that was brown but of course I wanted black so he spray painted. I also enlisted him to weld the hooks of the hook and eye closure on the rhinestone chains. My professor assisted with techniques to ensure that the garment would stay secure and intact by suggesting I anchor the chains with buttons sewn to the inside of the corset to assist in the force/load/stress that would be experienced by the chains as they were the only closure and support for the garment to stay on. 

For some reason I did not want a seam up the front crotch of the shorts so my professor and I brainstormed to come up with a way to accomplish this and we did by making the shorts have a side seam and a connecting crotch piece! 

Then there was the issue of attaching the feathers. How would I accomplish this? I purchased so many bags of black feathers from Micheal's I can't remember how many. I started by hand sewing each individual feather onto the skirt then machine stitching. My mom and sister were a big help in assisting with attaching the feathers and sourcing materials. As well as going through the feathers to be sure I had the right size for each layer of the skirt and they were dyed the correct color. Some in the pack were brown or not completely dyed. LOL! The belt of the dress is a home decor material as well that resembles suede.

 So what do you think? Did I pull this "Show Girl" inspired ensemble off?
What's  your #tbt picture of today? 

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