Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Style a Pencil Skirt? Guest Vlogger - Jess the Dragoness!

Hello Everyone! I hope you are doing well. Right before the heightened part of the semester occurred I was able to turn out a couple of pencil skirts for my friend and YouTube vlogger, Jessica Thomas. Some of you may know her as Jess the Dragoness.

I actually met Jessica in college in 2007 and have been an admirer of her talent and style since we met :-) On her YouTube channel she makes videos about beauty also incorporating outfit styling tips. Her videos are in the form of step-by-step tutorials from nail art to weave installs and hair styling.  Her love for teaching extends from her tutorials to the classroom as Jessica is an elementary school teacher in the Washington, DC area. Jessica is the mother of three wonderful children.
More about Jessica:  Jessica is a former textile fabrics designer, more specifically woven fabrics. When Jessica was designing fabrics she would hand weave, hand dye, and drape garments from the woven fabric. Her specialization was creating long floats in the fabrics as to make a ribbed or striped effect. On top of the weave structure she would also dye the yarns in a way that once woven they made a colorful gradation. Absolutely beautiful! I will have to get some pictures together and share with you guys on a later post. She is an amazing talent. Not only is she a skilled weaver but she also is a fashion and style guru!  Check out the images below of a pencil skirt that I created for Jessica to style and rock her way. I look forward to making more pieces for Jessica to rock! 

This is my favorite look that Jess the Dragoness has crafted! I love the pairing of the trendy wedge sneakers that pick up on the subtle reds and browns in the skirt. The loose fit graphic cropped top is another great trend that Jess is rocking oh so well. She lets the clothes speak for themselves by keeping the accessories light and neutral.

 Fabric for the skirt is from Michael Levine and can be found  here
She is so sassy and fun! These characteristics are definitely expressed through the styling choices she makes here. The addition of chunky jewelry to set off the solid cropped top is an excellent choice. The jewelry really brings the look together. 
Fabric for this skirt is also from Michael Levine and can be found here

As I always say, curves come in all sizes and the pencil skirt is the perfect item to complement a woman's curves.  
I hope you enjoyed Jessica's styling! Thanks for reading!
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