Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finding Happiness with my #naturalhair!

Hello Everyone,
  School has me so stressed with up coming deadlines and still tons of work to do :-/ I'm thankful I have the blog to use as a release :-) Well on to it LOL! I transitioned to being natural at the end of 2007 and it took about one year for me to be 100% natural. I did not do the big chop. The difference in texture was not that great for me so the transition was not hard for me. The struggle has come now that I am completely natural. I have been 100% natural since 2009. It has definitely been a journey trying to find the best products for my hair. Now in my 5th year of being natural I have finally settled on something that works and I am actually happy :-)!!

When I get a little more time I will share the full routine I use on my natural hair. This post is centered around me blowing out my hair to get a looser curl than my natural curl. It was a struggle for me to find products that worked. Especially when it came to blowing out my hair as it would always frizz. Don't even mention flat ironing or using the curling iron. It would look great for about 20 minutes after finishing the style but then it would frizz and get puffy even from the steam of a shower. Humidity is not my  hair's friend. It is the worst in the summer. Especially if I am not using the products that I am sharing with you today. Because some times I do get the itch and want to try new products because a friend is using them or it catches my eye in the beauty store. I've learned that this is exactly why I have struggled with my hair. I have to find the techniques and products that work for me and not everyone else. Lesson learned! LOL!
I'm thankful I was referred to a girl to fix a bad dye job I had and ended up getting my hair styled by her a few times after. Thanks Reagan! She used the Alterna products on my hair and suggested I purchase some to use at home and that was it, I was hooked! I have tried different product lines within this brand (i.e. UV treatment) some I liked  and some I didn't but the products listed below definitely will stay as part of my regular routine :-) I did take a few selfies to show you the outcomes during the styling process and included them below.

 The products listed can all be purchased from Ulta in store at the website www.ulta.com.

This is half of my hair dried and straightened with the round brush and blow dryer.

 Roughly twenty minutes later it has started to curl (which I love) No curling iron or flat iron needed!


This is what it looks like at the end of the week when it is time to wash it again :-) I still love it! It's the versatility that I love and that it is easy and I don't have to add additional heat to my hair throughout the week :-) Different style but still cute! I love big hair!!
I hope you enjoyed this post! As always thanks for reading!!