Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Down for the Count

Happy April Fool's Day Everyone!
     I hope you are doing well. We are entering the last few weeks of the semester and it has been extremely crazy! I have not had time to design or sew anything in about a month. And now that we are down to the end the work is really piled on with weekly written assignments, a 30-40pg group term paper where not only do I have to write a portion of it but I also have to edit the whole paper before it is turned in. But that's not all. A 10 - 30pg literature review is also due within the next few weeks plus a final exam, a general exam, and a presentation of the term paper. UGH! I am so ready for this to end!! I have a lot planned for the break and you all will not be disappointed. I will be sharing with you my design process from an independent fashion designer's point of view, tutorials for sewing clothes as well as for making adjustments to fit your curves!And so much more. So while I am down for the count I probably won't be blogging regularly until after April 28th. But I will rise again! I will still load images on the facebook page and on instagram (@rhiannasstudio) so follow me there for updates as I post more often in those areas :-)

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