Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#DIY Leopard Cropped Top & Eggshell Dress + No Makeup Look

Hello Everyone! 
I hope you are doing well. It is really cold today compared to what the temperature has been. It actually dropped below freezing last night and today's high is only 58 degrees. So I had to pull out my boots today to wear to class during the day so I could be nice and warm :-) I decided to take pictures inside instead of going out in the elements as it is pretty windy out today. Later my husband and I will go out for date night and I have chosen to wear a DIY dress that I made last year for New Year's Eve :-)

The leopard print cropped top is made from a sweater knit. It is very warm. I paired it with a 100% silk top that I got from JCP last year and some old jeans and my Aldo knee boots, which are also old. I hand drafted the pattern for the cropped top. This is a great example of how the cropped top can be worn without showing your stomach. This is a piece that most women can work into their wardrobe. The leopard fabric can be found here

After a long day you just want to let your hair down. Well I did literally :-) I generally do not wear my natural curl out like this. Well I didn't because it was too short I hated it. But at this length I love the look of my natural curl. It has a lot of volume and a nice definition to the curl.
 The eggshell dress is a self drafted pattern in which I made only one seam in the center back of the dress. This fabric is very light weight so I doubled (not lined) the dress with the same fabric. This dress is so warm and cozy. I feel like I'm wrapped in a warm blanket. It is so comfy :-) Of course I am keeping with the animal print theme by wearing my pony hair leopard print belt. I am keeping the accessories simply here as I did early today. I want my hand made pieces to speak for themselves and not have the attention be taken away by too many accessories. The bodycon style dress can really complement a woman's curves. I feel feminine and sexy in this dress and I don't feel like it makes me look bigger. I feel it hugs my curves in all the right places :-) The fabric I used can be purchased here

 I am not a big makeup wearer. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I wear a full face of makeup each year. I generally wear lipstick and lip gloss. I rarely wear mascara or blush or eyeliner. I did a makeup haul last year in August or September in an effort to start wearing more makeup and I failed. LOL! I really like the way my makeup came out today. When I wear makeup I try to make it look as natural as possible. Here are images of what I used.

 Lipstick: Mac - Fresh Brew (my favorite nude lipstick)| Mac- Concealer| Mac - Cork Lipliner| Mac - Plum Foolery Blush| Mac - Mineral Powder| L'Oreal- BB cream
A few more pics of the eggshell dress to follow. I was having fun with the camera and enjoying my dress :-)

Closeup of the makeup!

Thanks for reading!


Bonita Nance said...

I'm familiar with thw mac makeup, but what is the bb product? Why bb instead of the corresponding mac product ?

Deirdra Rhianna said...

I used the bb cream b/c it give coverage and it's light weight unlike some foundations. It's really good when you want a natural look or the trending "no makeup, makeup look".

Bonita Nance said...

Cool. How did you determine the shade to use? Is BB sold over the counter or setup within high end stores like Mac?