Friday, April 18, 2014

#DIY Curvy Fit Friday: Button Up!

Hello Everyone!
 If you have a full bust like I do and like your button down shirts fitted or you have a smaller bust and like your shirt fitted, you may experience the gap between buttons that occurs in the bust area of the front placket of a button down shirt. Today's blog is all about how to fix this annoying gap without having to use a safety pin!
I was tired of using the safety pin to correct this issue with all of my button down shirts. There were three reasons: 1. the tiny holes the safety pin leaves in your shirt 2. Trying to grab only a few threads of the shirt so that the safety pin didn't show through on the outside and 3. Having to remove it to get out of the shirt and replace it when wear it. 

So I needed a more permanent fix. Something that would do the same as the pin but not be seen. Of course I discussed it with my mom (cuz that's what we girls do right or at least with our best friends when we have an issue) and she figured a way to safety pin her shirt and get out of it without having to remove the pin LOL! Then we brainstormed about other notions we could use to close this gap without adding a button and a button hole.  So we thought of the hand sew snap.  Which comes in many different sizes and a few colors. The color was not a main concern for me because if it works it should be hidden regardless. So I gave it a try and it works! So I have gone in my closet and added a snap to the front placket of just about every button down shirt I have :-) 
You may be thinking. Why doesn't she just buy a shirt that fits? Well that is a challenge. To find a button down shirt that is mass produced to fit in all areas of the body is nearly impossible. Unless of course I want to spend one hundred plus dollars. Well I am a full-time student so I do not have that type of money to spend. But for those of you who do great! But those of you who are like me can use this tip! 
Now I must let you know that a Lobbyist (Rochelle Behrans) has created a line of shirts that fix this problem. I not too long ago learned of this but it was after I figured out the snap idea. But she uses a hidden button within the front placket. Meaning the placket is doubled through the bust area. The shirts are a little expensive for me. But I am definitely intersted in seeing how they fit. Apparently Oprah wears them. You can check them out here at The Shirt.
As you can see in the picture I have a huge gap that shows my bra in the front placket of my fitted denim shirt; which did not come from the store fitted I had to alter it. I will share how I altered it next week. 
Below are the steps to adding the snap to close the gap in the front placket of a button down shirt. 

What you will need: Hand sew-on snaps (I used size 2) | Scissors | Needle | Thread

 First you wan to try on  your shirt and locate the area that needs the snap. Then you want to mark where you will add the snap.I counted the buttons while in the shirt to know where the gap was. It was in between buttons four and five from the bottom :-)

 I like to make a circular motion with the pencil to ensure it transfers a mark.

 Here is what the mark looks like

 I use the sewing needle to assist with marking the opposite side of the shirt

 Then you want to thread you needle and tie a knot at the end

 Center align the snap with the pencil marking you made. Take the needle and thread and while only picking up a few threads of the shirt with the needle pass the needle head through the first opening of the snap. Repeat this all the way around. Be sure to pull the thread through the hole of the snap tightly.

Be sure to knot the end of the thread before cutting once you have made your way around the snap. I usually add two knots for security.

This is the end result. Repeat the steps for the other side.
Here is a completed shirt showing the closed gap.

 This the Essential shirt from Express that I added a snap to for better closure through the bust. 

Not bad Aye?

If you try it let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment or mention me in a social media post!

Thank you for reading!


Bonita Nance said...

Best solution for a non ending battle for a descent bust!

Tusdae Nance said...

Good idea!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thank you!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Yeah it works pretty well!