Friday, March 21, 2014

Flash back Friday!

Hello Everyone,
 I know I was supposed to post about Curvy Fit Friday but I have been in the studio turning out pencil skirts to the contest winners and I ran out to mail them and the post office was crowded and someone's car caught on fire luckily one of the patrons at the post office had a fire extinguisher in his truck. The fire department came out and they had the guy continue to use the extinguisher on the car which I thought was funny. Anyway. I did not want to leave you guys empty handed and I want the next curvy fit Friday post to be detailed and helpful and have visual aids so I am going to wait and post it next week so that I have time to make it beneficial for you all to read. So here is a #flashbackfriday post which is appropriate for the season as prom is coming! 
I designed, self drafted patterns,and sewed this dress during my first year of graduate school. I hope you enjoy it!

As always thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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