Friday, March 14, 2014

Curvy Fit Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!
      Curves are what differentiates women from men. Curves come in all sizes even a size 2. After all there is such a silhouette/body type referred to as the hourglass, right? Well the hourglass figure is not rectangular and that body type, silhouette or shape (whatever term suits you) is not subject to just one group of women; plus sized as society may have you believing. Would you call Kim Kardashian plus sized? How about Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, or Iggy Azalea? No, none of these women are plus sized but they are curvy and have either a pear or hourglass figure. As do many real women.

  Many companies are offering "curvy" clothing lines of trouser pants and jeans such as PZI Jeans, Loft, and NY and Co. And of course there were collections like Apple bottom jeans and I understand T.I. is starting a line focusing on curves of the bottom portion of women's body. Even with this new "curvy" collections trend happening in my experience and from  people watching this has not completely removed the ill fit of pants on women's curves. But we are getting closer.
   I've not tried on every brand but I've tried on some like Levi's curvy collection (different from the Curve ID) in JcPenney also NY and Co's and LOFT's and I did not find a perfect fit. Brands have fit models that possess the attributes the company's target market has, meaning the shape and size of the consumer the company has in mind when designing and creating their products. They create a garment pattern based on the measurements of the fit model(s) and then they grade the pattern up for sizes larger than the fit model and down for sizes smaller than the fit model.  This is why it takes a lot of shopping of different brands and stores to find something that works.

     A true understanding of body type and proportions is important to create a great fit or the "perfect fit" as the fashion industry likes use. Levi's Curve ID in my opinion have come the closest to understanding that one shape/style of jean does not work for everyone. The Levi's Curve ID jeans come in four different Curve IDs that a consumer selects based on the shape of her waist and the seat. You can learn about your curves on their site here  Every "curvy" woman is not plus sized and every "curvy" woman does not have the same curves and proportions and Levi's gets that. This is evident in that they have separated the body . However, I believe there are derivatives of each body type. Which I will discuss on the next Curvy Fit Friday post!
It is a goal of mine to try the PZI Jeans and the Curve ID. Based on the two question quiz on the Levi's website I am a Supreme Curve! I will definitely do a review for you all once I try the jeans. 

I hope this was informational. As always thanks for reading!

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