Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to Basics!

Hello All!
  I've been gone for while. Really busy with school and doing a lot of thinking about the direction of my blog has taken. I really want this to be about me and my love for fashion. As well as my passion to educate women on understanding their body types and finding clothes that complement their curves, thus making them feel confident. It somewhat has, don't get me wrong. But lately I've felt the blog is missing something...
 So I am going back to basics where it all began! I'm getting back to the purpose for creating this blog. I'm channeling the designer in me as I've always used real women with unique figures as models when designing clothes and I've generally stayed true to my style. I feel I've let others influence the clothes that I've created lately; becoming more of a seamstress than a designer. Going forward posts will be about my design aesthetics and style from a fashion designer point of view.
As I write this post Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics song plays in my mind. If you have not heard it, here is a YouTube video of the song.

My Master's thesis; An Analysis of Costume and Fashion Design Processes, focused on the differences and similarities of the two fields when designing garments.  While earning my Master's I did a paper and created three exhibit ready pieces based on three influential figures in African American history.   The following images show the designs I created.

Josephine Baker inspired costume: self drafted pattern using Gerber, PDS. Hand stuffed and sewn bananas. Hand dyed appliques, and knit stretch netting. I also did her hair :-) Jewelry styled by Anna Maria Stimpson and Makeup by Janza Bush of Be-zhu.
 Evening Gown: Inspired by Lena Horne's honeysuckle rose. Self drafted garment patterns using Gerber, PDS. Hand pleated and princess seamed gown with Georgette fabric shoulder drape with hand attached silk flowers. I did the hair. Makeup and jewelry by the model, Erica.

Cocktail Dress: Inspired by Billie Holiday. Handmade gardenia headpiece. Self drafted garment pattern. Self drafted digital printed fabric. Design created by me. Makeup and jewelry supplied by the model, Janza.

Thank you for reading!

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