Thursday, February 20, 2014

Being Nude!

 Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great week! It's almost the weekend! Whoop whoop!


It can be challenging finding the right color lipstick for your skin tone. I believe you can wear just about any color you desire as long as you start with a liner that compliments your skin tone. The reason for the lip liner, especially when applying bright or really light colors, is it eases the transition from dark to light (from skin to lip color). Not easing from dark to light by just applying the bright or lighter lip color can be startling and attract the wrong kind of attention form others. You don't want people staring  at you because of a poor choice in lip color :-)

Making the choice between a matte lipstick and a gloss or semi gloss can be a challenge as well. In this case I believe the size of mouth plays a huge part in making the most flattering choice. Matte is a good choice for a fuller lip.
If you have fuller lips a small amount of gloss in the center of the mouth over your lipstick can make all the difference as opposed to smearing the entire mouth with gloss. The gloss amplifies your lips and it can be overwhelming and detract from your other beautiful features.


Bonita Nance said...

When selectting a lipliner, do you need to purchase one for each color of lipstick purchased or are there lipliner colors that work well with any lipstick ?

Deirdra Rhianna said...

You do not have to purchase one for every color of lipstick. You can do it by color family. It more important to have the liner compliment your skin tone than match the lipstick. Brown and plum are good to have. Brown works with pinky brown nudes and any variation of brown. The plum works with pinks, reds, and purple tones. I hope this helps! Thanks for commenting!