Saturday, January 11, 2014

Home for the Holidays!

 Happy New Year Everyone!
 It has been a while since I've posted anything. I took a little break for the Holidays to spend time with family. My husband and I spent about a week and a half at my parents' house. We celebrated Christmas, my Mom's birthday, and New Years all in that week and a  half time period. We had a ton of fun. 

Here are images of my Holiday Break!
Christmas Tree and Gifts!

 Close-up of the gifts under the tree!

Some of the family ready to open gifts!

 Sister opening her gifts from me and my husband!
 Sister and her Levi's!

Ma opening her gifts from me and my husband!

 Niece posing in front of the tree!
 Birthday gift and ice cream cake for Ma's birthday!

 Ma's birthday cake (Extreme Chocolate from Dairy Queen) all lit up!

Handmade New Year's Eve Dress!

Thanks for reading!


Bonita Nance said...

Rockin' that dress! More please!

Deirdra Rhianna said...

Thank you! There is more to come very soon!