Friday, January 31, 2014

Flashback Friday: Wedding D.I.Y.!

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!
   Today I am treating you to a flashback to one of the most fun-filled days of my life, my wedding! I stayed on the dance floor all night :-) Best party of my life before my Dirty Thirty LOL!

 In total I hand drafted patterns and cut and sewed 8 formal gowns for my wedding. That includes the wedding party and my gown! 

Beautiful Maid of Honor!

 Beautiful Matron of Honor!

 Gorgeous! Hair and Makeup!



 Those curves! Perfect color!!
 Detachable bottoms gone! Sexy bridesmaids revealed!
Now for my dress...I self-drafted the patterns, designed my tiara that was created by AfterDark,  I designed the filagrees with AfterDark and hand made my accent belt by attaching the filagrees by hand, and sewed the dress! Fittings were completed with the assistance of Genevieve Garland of VieveArt in Raleigh, NC.
 Magazine worthy image. If I do say so myself :-)

 Back view of the dress. I love the reflection on the bridge after the rain :-)

 This girl is on fire! Doesn't the train look like a flame going up the aisle?!

My favorite picture!

One last set of patterns I drafted...the M.O.B. dress. She sewed it though. That's where I get it from. I was born into style!

Thank you for reading!

photos by Bert Reed Photography

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